I dreamt last night of my “Lovie.”
Wrapped in the solid strength of HIM
I found myself at peace,
Dreaming of calm caribbean seas
Full sails
And jumping rainbow fish
I was being rocked back and forth
And protected from all storms…

Their is a solace in the knowledge,
The certainty and assuredness
That HE will never leave-
At least not in my slumber
That as my eyes and body rest
And my colors are renewed
I will once again wake to greet the day
In my magic bed under the sea glass window
With all my fish friends smiling upon me…

“Lovie’s” are magic, aren’t they?
My sons “lovie” was his thumb
And any blanket or shirt sleeve
He could rub his other hand upon
Sweet, innocent, white blonde, curly head
Full of hope, questions, love and boundless energy.
Where ever he went, so went his “lovie.”

My middle child did not develop an attachment
Until she was three and very sick.
I bought her a little brown bear
She named Cinnamon…
From that day on he became her “lovie”
Drying all her tears,
Keeping her safe at night
Even now in her new apartment
He has a very special spot.

My youngest came out and immediately
put a “lovie” in her mouth.
A blanket-
If I had to wash the blanket she would scream
So I bought a spare and would swap them out
Each night as she slumbered.
As she grew and the “lovie” got tattered
I bought replacements.
At 10 I bought her a full size spongebob “lovie.”
this “lovie” holds all her secrets, tears and dreams
To her it is her lifeline.

first lovie
first lovie

My first physical “lovie” was my black and white teddy
Given to me by my Uncle.
Every corner,
Every bed I hid under,
Every tear I cried
he holds still today.
I operated on his squeaker when I was little
Because my tummy hurt
from crying so much
it still holds my 7 year old first stitches ,
On days when I am sad, he still catches my tears
And he will be buried with me
he was my first “lovie…”

jesus loves me
jesus loves me

by a the time I was 3 my “lovie” was
because  we sang every day
“Jesus loves me, this i know…”
the warmth of being
encompassed by my faith,
being cradled…
was as soothing
as a long lazy stroll upon
the soft sand…
eyes cast upward
words inside me
fears, hopes, dreams
HE knew them all
HE listens
and unconditionally loves me

What is your “lovie?”
What protects you,
Listens to your stories?
What holds you when you are sad
Dances with you when you celebrate?
“Lovies” are meant to guide us
Along our journey into, through
And after life
They are our dream catchers
And deserve the utmost respect
let your faith be your “Lovie”
let it nourish,
hold, support, protect and guide you
one could not ask for a better “Lovie”
than Jesus
“…they are weak but he is strong….
Jesus loves me…”