me vacations at nautilus teachings


i need a
i want someone
to say to me,
“i will take your
crazy, spoiled dogs home
and treat them like my own…”
because d- God love him-
works way too many hours
and even though i love him dearly
he says,
‘they are dogs…’
dog lovers will totally
understand that…
i want a boat to sail away in
upon mother ocean
until i am ready to return
i don’t want to leave
or change my life
i am just
bone weary tired.
it’s been a long year
and a whole week to myself
would be-WOWZA…
what a blessing that would be.
since i cannot get away
i dream about
being the wandering
guitar player
strolling down the street
long flowy dress
sun tanned
flowers in my hair
or maybe i am that
person you see dancing
with a sign above their head
begging you to come into their store
singing like a mad woman
in my horrible off key voice
then again
i just might be that grown woman
drawing pictures
with her chalk upon the sidewalk
empty can out
waiting for donations
to buy my next starbucks!
i would love to be the
long winged bird
soaring above the ocean
so gently, softly
keeping an eye out
for the next fish
for my dinner…

some days
i wish i was the long, slow
whispering wind
tickling the long
low lying branches
of my palm trees
or better yet
a weeping willow…
that’s it.
i want to be tangled up
by the soft
branches of
the weeping willow
of my childhood
i want to smell the lilac bushes
that lined our driveway
listen to the
lily of the valley bells
ting, ting, tinging
while listening to the crickets
watching all the lightening bugs
and wishing upon stars
for dreams
i believed
would never come true…
are always of the mind
whether i write it
paint it
imagine it
does not matter…
i have been taking
them my entire life.
how else would i have
lived through
my life?
but now
at 54
i want to
travel somewhere new
i want to eat what
and when i want
i don’t want to put
on makeup
or do my hair
i want to wash
in mother ocean
sit under the stars
sail with the wind
taking time to sit
upon her bow
writing poetry
so corny
it will make you giggle…

is this selfish?
i even have a destination
the place
the island
i want to go…
then the phone buzzes
three people are texting me
the boys need to pee
stewie will be home for lunch
the plumber needs me
the handyman is going to be late
mom wants to see me
i need to paint and post a class
my blog is messing up
the bills are pouring in
i am no longer allowed to light candles
or have my boys on the sofa…
you wonder why i sleep 8-10 hours a night?
my clean body
crawls beneath the soft sheets
the air is down to 71
i turn on my heating pad
for my back
cocoon in my soft blanket
turn on the tv
and within 10 minutes
i am asleep…
i love sleep
i dream all night long
they are my daily
ME vacations
and for right now
it’s ok
that i cannot get away
that i am needed here
this is the year of,
“hey sheri, can you…
baby, i need you too…
can you ….”
but next year
when i turn 55
that will begin the
it won’t be an
eat, pray, love year
but it will be
all mine…
you just wait and see…