men at nautilus teachings


i grew up
women needed men
to survive
our job was to
serve them
to be obedient to them
to take what they give
to shut up
to deal
and endure…
i believed men
had all the power.
we needed to wait
on them hand and foot
iron their undies and shirts
get up and change
the channel for them
grab their cigarettes
and get them a beer…
we all know
men are not famous
for asking directions
let alone permission.
men have been raised
to do what they want,
when they want…
out of the top 100 artists
in the world
only 2 are women.
men have no fear
of leaving everything behind
to pursue their passion…
when their wives die
4 out of 5 remarry within a year…
men like to be taken care of
they like women
they count on us
to keep the house
take care of the kids
get the groceries
do the laundry
to be the center of the family
the bonding agent…
they need to know
they can fall into us…
a nurse once said to me
about keeping her husband
“keep their bellies full, their balls dry
and their kids out of jail…”
i loved that
because she broke it down
into the simple truth…

men have all these boxes
inside their head
when they are working
it’s that box that is open-
they like one thing at a time
left -right,
in, out
women have this maze
of wires inside us
we multi task-
we can change a diaper
cook a meal
balance a checkbook
do the laundry
and put out a fire
all in one fell swoop…
it took me two failed marriages
to realize
i have to want my husband
in my life,
not need him…
together we need to balance
each other…
d and i are complete opposites
he is einstein
i am a artsy mess
he has a box
i have an endless circle
when he tries to solve problems
he always asks me
how i see it…
he likes how i think
and over the last 10 years
he has added windows
to his box of thinking…
we are a pretty balanced
scale actually,
with faith centering
each of us…
what i grew up believing
and what i hold
as my truths about men
is completely different
they are to be our partner
our lover
and our friend…
to be the person we look to
for support
and even, at times, forgiveness…
God made woman
so man would not be alone!
which sends us back to
my statistics
most men remarry
and most women do not…
i have no interest
of ever giving my heart away again
this one time of true
and pure love
fulfilled me
he is my rock…
and if he ever passes before me
i am honestly
going to fill in the pool
and open a women only
dog park in my back yard.…