menopause is part of life at nautilus teachings


how old were you
when you began
noticing yourself aging?
have you hit
menopause yet?
i was 42 when i first
started needing readers
but i was 31
when my fabulous
“i could eat anything i wanted to”
metabolism crapped out
and no matter what i did
i could not shed
the baby weight of my
third child…
it would take a complete
overhaul of my system
when i was 48
to begin to melt away
the extra 25 lbs i carried
and figure out why oh why
everything i ate made me itch
break out in weeping hives
and upset my tummy…
48 was also when i began menopause.
the hot flashes would come on
leaving me drip, drip, dripping
with sweat…
i was lucky because they were
mostly at night
when i had little clothes on anyway-
this was when i bought a small fan
and put it on a stool next to my bed
so it would cool me off quickly…
of course i would freeze d
out of the house by also
cranking down the air at night…
every year i would go in
for my well body physical-
(you all know what that entails!)
and every year i would hear,
you are not in menopause…
by 50 my monthly friend
had gone on a permanent vacation-

i was “still not in menopause”…
i did figure out i was allergic to gluten,
garlic and what seemed like every
preservative on the planet…
over the last almost 4 years now
i began eating very clean
make everything from scratch
and have loved learning
how to be creative in the kitchen!
plus i feel amazing now,
almost like someone has flushed
my entire system out!
getting back to menopause,
aging and all the fun
that goes with that…
last week i took my
yearly trek to the dr.
for my annual visit…
three days later
the doctor called and said,
“well, good news ! you are now
post menopausal!”
i just shook my head
giggled and thought
do they really know anything?
i could have told them that
without all this testing….
i still find it funny that according
to my blood testing
in one year
i started and finished menopause!!