mission accomplished at nautilus teachings

an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing:
synonyms: shock, bolt from the blue, bombshell, revelation; More
denoting a class of complex methods of change-ringing:
(of something unexpected) cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock:
synonyms: astonish, amaze, startle, astound, stun, stagger, shock;

and so the question
has been asked
“did you surprise him?”
“what was it?’
i instantly giggle
because the response
is not a simple
yes or no…
let me take you back to thursday…
my surprise was to
have a new spa heater
installed for my hubby
because our old one
crapped out over 2 years ago…
now, i myself rarely use the spa
attached to our beautiful pool,
but this was his relaxation
his sanctuary
i would watch him
after a paddle in the river
sit with his feet in the spa
ukulele /beer in hand
playing ball with the boys…

he would then whistle-
my signal to get the dogs
while he shampooed his hair
in the spa
sat down
finished his beer
and would fall into the most
ridiculous positions sleeping…
did i ever worry he would
suck in water-
this tall, strong man
literally would succumb
to the heat
let go a weeks worth of stress
his eyes would close
his head would hang
and then…
would take over…
it makes me giggle just
thinking about it…

so, anyway
the heater successfully installed
by Rob at best pools
on wednesday,
suburban propane was to hook
up a new tank…
well, first they were late
second i had to leave
because i had amazing painting class to teach
and honestly
the installer
was grumpy…
i paid him before i left
and asked please to make sure
the entire system was off and
the gate was closed…
he seemed unconcerned
and disgruntled at having
to be working past 5…
this set off fireworks
in my OCD control freak perfectionist brain…
i start teaching and doc
saunters in to say goodbye
and that he is going home
i make up a story
about the city checking
our leaking pump before i left to get him to check the gate-
(it is leaking and they are scheduled
to check it, but not on thursday…)
i was so worried
about my dogs
getting out
being lost
hit by a car
and never seeing them again
i unknowingly led my hubby
directly to the surprise..
i thought he would come home
walk to the gate
check it
and go inside…
he goes inside
has dinner
grabs his tiny flashlight
and walks the backyard
to the gate-
obviously seeing a tank and heater…

next thing you know my phone
is lit up like a lighting storm
“you bought me a heater?”
i reply, “what?”
and he then regales me with
his story of checking of the gate
and his amazing discovery
from his wife…
was he mad?
at first he was speechless
then he was grateful
then he was
“i should be mad at you…”
and as i write this
he is slowly
slipping into
one of his
deep, deep, deep sleeps
in the spa
and i am inside giggling…
his ankle is at peace.
for a moment
his body has calmed
and he has thanked me so many times
i was one yelling at him…
“stop thanking me
just accept this gift
and let it be what it is
be one with it…”
he starts cracking up
and replies,
“honey, honey, shhhh
i am being one with my new spa
soaking it all in
listening to the trees
watching the clouds
blow by….”
i turn
walk away
and think to
“smart ass!”
mission accomplished!

from 2010 when he broke his hand
from 2010 when he broke his hand

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  1. Pam

    Nice story! Y’all are a hoot. Glad your surprise went well .. Even if not per the plan!! Flexibility is good.

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