my guide Mr. Hawksbill at nautilus teachings

1960’s-Under the red, cornered, wooden stairs is where my soul bore a palette of colors. It is my refuge and a light that shines from within. Truth is not deep purple fading to black darkness, or musty blue flowing into mold encrusted greens. Truth is the light which illuminates between the cracks of the stairs above my head that reflect through my young tears. Life is the song that flows from my pink young lips, the deep browns and light greens that sparkle in my moist eyes, and the yellow sun kisses upon my long brown hair that first lead me to this world-a world of color and light, of salty water and innocence lost.

The house is big
It’s grey
It’s weathered
Paint chips
Flying through the
Thick air of summer
And crunching
Beneath my feet
In the frozen winter…
Where do I hide
Where do I go
Away from the demons
I really don’t know
I pick a spot
So full of color
It belongs to my father
And to my mother
For inside the closet
Under the red wooden stair
I find my solace
And begin to repair
All the cracks
My brothers
Upon my soft skin
I have to cover my ears
Not to let their demon in
I am alone
In the place
I call home
Knowing the world
Outside this door
I do not belong..

wise old mr. hawksbill
wise old mr. hawksbill

2007-Studio-Kelp Kruiser is a 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas. The wise old Hawksbill turtle is my guide; he is my protector. As he gently glides his magnificent shell filled with browns, oranges and greens, his beautiful big black eyes illicit peaceful thoughts. They ask me to swim along with him over the pink jewel anemone and to warm my back in the sunlight as he takes me upon journeys of my surface scars. The aged “Kelp Kruiser” knows he must first gain my trust before swimming from the turquoise protection of the shallows to the deep navy blues of the oceans depth, into the caves of spiked coral and box jellyfish.
The wise old Hawksbill
is my adviser
of the paths
I need to choose
and last
I look to him
For guidance
And inspiration
That my story
Is worth telling
And sharing…
This painting
is my
signature piece
and will always
hang in my studio
to shield and steer me.
is the first step
the encompassing light
of warmth
and acceptance.