my story november 20th at nautilus teachings


this is how my story goes
it happened
this is true
the story of a
midwestern girl
who felt loved
inside the color blue
i was born into
a world of darkness
the only light
from God above
who gifted it to my mother
and from her
i learned to love…
she threw me into
turquoise waters
as a small child
at the public pool
where teachers
turned me into
a polka-dot fish
and from there
i grew…
long shiny fins
reflecting shimmers
from summers light…
pretty soon
i was a mermaid
dancing, twirling
under the stars at night
always close beside me
was wise old mr hawksbill
tethering the cobalt stream
keeping me buoyed
never anchored
always swimming
toward my dream…
my story is about my struggle
to find my voice
in the rushing sea
while screaming out
from my cornered self
“Lord, let everyone see,
i am more than just
this broken shell..

my scars,
each tell a story
all the colors i have locked inside
i need healing
not fame or glory…”
my story is told in paintings
in words written
for the world to see
my inside
painted on canvas
they are
the living
this is my story
for me to tell
can stay away
i want the wounded
the barnacled
the sad
to know its safe
to come and play…
i found my anchor
in my faith.

i’m not asking you to believe,
or to change what you know
i want you to take your blinders off
and for a moment
let your entire being go
feel the healing powers
from my world of blue
breath in all the tiny air bubbles
they are yelling out my truths…
i was silenced.
i was told i was no good.
every word hurled at me,
every twisted wrist
was from a face
who should have loved me
do you finally get the gist ?
i share with you my story
i invite you to attend
a night of celebration
where at last
i don’t have to
my life it hangs on walls
in pieces of my heart..
come see me,
take me home
and every day
you glance at me
i want you to know
i flew
i did not