nicknames at nautilus teachings


your phone dings!
you have mail,
you have text ,
maybe it rings…
each time
you glance over
at it,
see who it is
you get to
do you open the mail
reply to the text
or answer the call…
in my kids case,
more times
than not
they go unanswered…
i have one daughter
i call
“my drive by texter…”
she has earned this
due to the fact
that only once
in a blue moon
does she answer my text
and when she does
you never know if it
will be a full conversation
or if she will answer once
not knowing when i will
hear from her again,
i don’t text her often
instead i dial her up
on the weekend
usually around 2pm
on a saturday
as she groggily whispers
“oh, did i wake you?”
‘well, yes but no…i am just catching up
on some sleep and laying in bed…”

inside i giggle
because her need for
10 hours a night
is just like mine
only mine starts at 9pm
ending at 7…
i know she works crazy
NYC hours
she’s making a name for herself
and am oh, so very proud
but she will always be
‘the drive by texter…’
d and i laugh about this.
she has inherited from him
the ability to kindly
and gracefully get in a full
conversation in under 3 minutes!
when you hang up
you smile
you feel good
and then you remember
why you called
and text-
into the big black hole…
my other daughter
i have nicknamed
“the silent one…..”
she is light as a feather
floats around this planet
making friends
changing jobs
well, life!
she is a free spirit
a giver
and full of spit and vinegar
mixed with tons of
she is loyal to the core
but she is
i rarely text her
i wait
and wait
and wait
for her to call me…
when she does call
i drop everything
because i literally
never know when i will
hear from her
or when i will see her…
at the moment she is
which means she accepted
a position until june of 2017
so i know where she is
i know things are fine
because otherwise
i would hear from her
but for the most part-

‘the silent one’
‘the drive by texter’
have a brother,
my son
who as you know is
and expecting their first
child next march…
his nickname
‘my nester’
he answers his phone
always answers texts
we see he and his
beautiful wife
as much as we all can
and they own a house…
‘the nester’
is the oldest
a good brother
an even better man
and amazing husband
he will make
one terrific dad…
i love all three of my
goofy kids
i love their lives they are making
and support them 100%
they are all at that stage
paying all their own bills
completely self sufficient
happy most of the time
and in all cases
thriving in their field
of choice…
maybe not
‘the silent one…’
she loves to mix it up
move around
i love her free spirit
because she reminds me of my mom.
my mom
yearned to be this way…
so as much as i
wish she would
get her degree
settle down…
i have grown to embrace
the quiet, creative
ever seeking child i raised…
why do i have nicknames
for my kids?
i am so glad you asked.
because their birth names
just don’t suit them
it makes doc and i giggle
when we say,
“hey i heard from the drive by texter today…”
“the silent one called, she seems to be very happy…”
and let’s not forget
“hey the nesters will be here for dinner on sunday…”
we shake our heads
laugh at ourselves
and then we smile
our eyes
always well up
and then d always says,
“you raised good kids blondie!”
and that my friends
fills my big old heart
with happiness
and gratitude…