not wonder woman at nautilus teachings

first light peaked
through the cracks
of her long curtains
slid together in sections…
she never found the time
to hand stitch the pieces together
they were supposed to black out
this annoying whiteness
but her lack of motivation
to complete this particular task
reminded her daily
you forgot to finish this!
one of her dogs was
happily munching away
at his foot,
the other dead asleep
with his legs in the air…
‘ugh’ she thought,
‘i forgot to put his cone on last night…’
she called them both
let them out to pee
and began her day,
making note in her head
to check finns paw for blood
before she left for work…
20 minutes later her hubby
walked into the kitchen,
‘how’s finn? did he bleed?’
‘ugh’, she thought,
‘i forgot, i will check it after he poops!’
she makes her coffee
lights her prayer candle
grabs her breakfast bar
lets the boys in
sits down and begins
reading the days scripture.
30 minutes later
her hubby pops in,
‘i’ll see you at the studio.
how’s finn?’
she gives him that look
as he responds,
‘you forgot! slow down,
take a breath, love…’
he leaves
she goes back to
daily devotions
gets dressed
makes the bed
grabs her lunch
puts the cones on the boys
starts their music
drives to work
parks the car
and then,
‘crap! i forgot to check finns paw…’

she rolls her eyes
grabs her bags
and walks inside
anxious to start her day!
an hour before 20 kids arrive
her hubby pops his head in
her doorway,
‘don’t forget father steve is coming for dinner.
what are you making?’
‘FUCK! i forgot…’
he smiles and says,
‘whatever you fix, he will love it…’
he leaves
she goes back prepping for the day,
kids arrive
2 hours pass
they all eat lunch
of course
he pops in again,
‘decide what we are eating, yet?’
she smiles,
and replies,
‘yup! food!’
they both laugh
he leaves
she goes back teaching
the kids finish up
go home
she resets the studio
and 90 minutes later
looks at her gym bag
lying under her desk.
she heaves a huge sigh
makes a short grocery list
does the shopping
arrives home
and notices
her three piles of laundry
she has yet to do
besides cook dinner
take a shower
and put on her
welcome home face
all within 3hours…
‘no worries,’ she thinks to herself.
she pulls chili from the freezer
defrosts it
sticks it in a pan to heat slowly
grabs a big can of beans
mixes in her secret ingredients
tops it with bacon
and throws it in the oven…

next she mixes her
hamburger mix
patties them out
cuts tomato, onion, lettuce
makes three salads
changes the laundry
sets the table
throws the salads, burgers etc
into the fridge for now
slices up some fruit to top off
the gelato she bought for dessert
changes the laundry
starts the dishwasher
wipes down the counters
grabs a quick shower,
catches up on the mail
and then notices
the dogs are staring at her!
‘ah! i forgot to order their food,
check finns paw and
i know they need to pee…’
her phone rings
to set up the tv delivery
for tomorrow
then the phone buzzes
for tomorrows water delivery…
she grabs the empty 5 gallon bottles
orders the boys food and treats
checks finns paw,
‘not bad at all’
sprays it with his anti-itch medicine
puts her computer away
and when she returns
the boys are asleep
in their beds
tired of waiting to go out…
the clock says 5:20
she has 40 minutes
to finish up her list
finish the laundry
make sure the boys go out
before she
lights the candles
throws the dogs and burgers
on the grill
uncorks the wine
and gets dressed…
‘crap’ she thinks,
‘i forgot to make the
salad dressing
and run the dishwasher…’
she starts it up and
remembers the dressing bottle
on the top rack, dirty…
‘oh, well, looks like
bottled dressing tonight’, she thinks.
she glances at her
workout bag
now sitting on the counter
and thinks,
‘not today nike! we will try again tomorrow…’
this is what we do
as mothers, wives and women
we make lists
we go about our day
like a crazy woman
trying to squeeze it all in
and when we finally hit the bed
what we need to remind ourselves is this,
‘we are not wonder woman,
and that,
my friend