ode to bathrooms at nautilus teachings


some are sparse
others fancy
but for the most part
it’s a place of release
letting go
not just of food
but of the crumbs
dust, and pain of a day
to turn on that shower
feel it upon your skin
or soak in a heated tub
lit by candles
cool drink in hand
in a small way
they are a type
of sanctuary.
my entire life
my mom
referred to it as
‘dads throne room’
this still makes me giggle
because to men
it is home…
they have their books
some watch tv in their
maybe drink a beer,
it’s the one place
will disturb them-
unlike women
if we go in there
the cat or dog follows us
kids wander in,
so, for us
its just one of the
“ugh, i have to pee again’

growing up
we were always directed,
“you better pee before
we leave,
because we are not stopping…”
and we never stopped
unless we were on a rare
then my mom would escort me
and my dad would go with
my brothers
for a
“this is a quick,
stop, drop and pee,
now let’s go!”
i in turn raised
my children the same way
“make sure you go
before we leave…
it’s 3 hours and we are not stopping…”
right now,
i am giggling
at all the memories
rushing over me
about bathrooms…
i recently
renovated my shower area
as most of you know.
it was a mess
for three weeks,
and every day
after the workmen left
i scrubbed it top to bottom…
i don’t usually go to
a restroom in public
but with aging
i find i have to pee
all the flipping time!
i am,
and always will be
a customer of target.
recently their toilet debacle
closed down a number
of their stores.
i just don’t get all this madness-
who let’s their young child
go into any public restroom alone?!!!


no one i know.
we all have a need to be accepted
just as we all need the release
of a clean seat
and a few sheets of toilet paper
which brings me back to
sometimes ya can’t make it
until you get home…
my husband goes in every
bathroom in every place
we visit
just to wash his hands…
i know the minute we enter
he will disappear!
regardless of what your
current bathroom looks like
if there are towels on the floor
the trash bin overflowing
in need of a good scrub
or a beautiful calm
peace filled sanctuary
you breath in and out
the feeling of
washing off the day.
it’s a place we all need….
if you are afraid of public
then i leave you with the reminder
of the words my mom drilled
into my head,
“ok, sher, let’s stop, drop and pee
so your dad can get on the
road again…”
always followed,
of course,
with a wink and a smile…