old blue painted woman at nautilus teachings part 3


there is a woman
with long gray hair
big, twinkling brown eyes
covered in speckles
of blue paint
who lives in darkness
on the far side of the cliff…
every morning
she rises with the knowing
she has work to do
stories to write
images to paint
dogs to love
stars to wish upon
waves to gaze upon
and wind,
she loves the wind
and how
when she was young
it would fill her sails
of her tiny orion boat
each day she would wake
pack up her boat
grab her dogs
hoist her sail
and wander
from cove to cove
looking for shells,
lost buoys
any treasure, really…
on rare days
her love would come along.
she loved when he
stepped outside
his world of voices
noise, surfing, yard work
and just allowed himself
to see the quiet world
she loved so much
to watch the birds
dolphins and manatees
to just sit back
letting the wind
guide them both to
places unplanned…
on these days
they would pack
a picnic lunch of fruit
lettuce roll ups
and plenty of water
the boys would pout
when they left them at home
but on these gifted
days with her love
she wanted
but him,
the water and the wind…

it’s been 5 years since
he has gone home
to their heavenly father.
she closes her eyes
points her face toward heaven
and smiles
thinking to herself,
‘some day soon,
my love,
i will join you
in the middle…’
she hears the mailman
driving up the gravel road
turns to him
waves and smiles
she grasps her hands together
and praises God
in silent thank you…
at first glance
she knows
they are letters
from her grandchildren…
pictures adorn
the outside
of each envelop
and she smiles
in this technological world
her kids
still teach their children
the importance
of writing,
and letting
their grandma
they love her…
she exchanges a few
polite words
with the mailman
and holds her letters
close to her heart…
one by one
she will slowly
awaken the hidden messages
mostly they are filled
with drawings
and a few words
they will pop in
their class photo
so she can see how they’ve grown
her oldest grandson
always sends her pictures
of the fish he caught
and every now and then
one of her kids
tucks a small note inside
to let her know
what’s up
in their crazy
busy world of life…

she is glad
this part of her life is over
now she gets to be settled
lazy when she wants,
which is rare
sleep and eat
whenever she feels the need
and spend hours
as she wanders room to room
looking through old photos
love letters
and all the pieces of her life
her love died…
she kept only one of
his surfboards
his cross and wedding ring
which she wears every day
around her neck
and at night
she sleeps in his
soft sweatshirt
wearing his crazy socks
to keep her toes warm…
since he died
she is no longer hot
at night and only
turns the air down to 74-
‘boy would he love that’
she thinks, giggling to herself…
she wanders
around the yard
of her tiny shell
of a home
her eyes catching
all the barnacles
needing repair
and smiles
her feet
slowly ascend the
front porch steps
she turns the
glass knob
upon her front door
and is greeted
by her two boys
tails wagging
always glad to see her…
she is the woman
with long gray hair
skin sagging
who has
big, twinkling brown eyes
is covered in speckles
of blue paint and
who lives in darkness
on the far side of the cliff…
and you know what?
she likes it that way…