old wives tales takes flight at nautilus teachings


memories play tricks
accusations of lies
bounce off her shell
she promises God at this moment
to live in her truth
to share her story
and live a life of acceptance
forgiving all
and living
through her faith.
in a split second
she advances against neglect
of remedial balm
and allows the squall to dominate
her essence…
faith as her shield
and wings ablaze with premonition
of invasion
she is able to stand in silent vigilance
recalling the foreboding
and vow at this moment
she is not a mistake
she is worthy…
she shudders
as her wings span out beyond
and over her tanned, soft shoulders
she is covered with strength
as her mind embraces
the alternatives of flight…
retreat, submit, confront, suffer…
what she wishes is to harmonize
soul, mind, body, spirit and faith…
she is wavering
and desire passage into the hands
of tranquility…
she chooses release-
is flooded with forgiveness
and stands tall in the corner
which once housed her scattered pieces
her brilliantly colored dreams
and tears which made up
her turquoise waters for
wise old mr. hawksbill to live within…
no longer a mermaid
she turns toward the darkness

“Painted Guardian
of the shadowed images
who knows my truth
and protects,
forgives me,
Release me from torment
So I may
Splattering my
Along the asphalt
Of life
Delivering me
From the burdens
Held captive within my veins…”
Altered, stripped and anticipating escape
her wings suspend
her feeling of abandonment…
her spirit is brimming with joy
as she rises
the anticipation sets
her heart to beating rapidly…
she places her hand upon her chest
raises her foot
to the 4th and then the 5th step
as the heaviness
of all she had been carrying
begins to crumble
as she watches
one by one the
baby pink barnacles
as they bling, bling, bling
against the sandy bottom of memory
leaving her skin
tingling with
a surface current
caused by the friction
between who she
was told she was
and who she knew
she was born to be…

the waving seagrasses
were still growing
only now they were
upon the steps
and below her
warm turquoise waters
were rising gently as
dozens of
brilliantly colored
baby fish
were darting
back and forth…
she continued her climb
towards the mezzanine
as the healing waters
began encompassing her toes
inviting her to play…
she glances down
and sure enough
there was wise old
mr. hawksbill
and fancy finns
her childhood friends
looking up at her…
she would not leave them behind
she would carry them
within her heart
they would be emblazoned
upon her soul forever.
the tears from her
right eye had
happiness and gratitude
worn for all to see,
she took in the expanse
of the life
awaiting her
and took flight…