on sale for mothers day at nautilus teachings


it’s everywhere…
store windows
“last chance…”
“only one more week…”
“just in time for…”
“save 30% site wide sale…”
“creative thoughtful gifts…”
“beautify her backyard…”
“for the, ‘oh, i love it’ response…”
i have not even opened the sunday paper
and i am sure i will be bombarded with more.
mothers are being celebrated
all over the world next sunday.
this week,
there will be children
making cards in school
cards and flowers
will pop up for sale
in places you don’t
normally see them
picnics and dinners will be planned
the mailman’s bag gets
a tiny bit heavier
and on this sunday,
phones will be buzzing.
for one day moms
will be pampered
extra hugs and kisses given
meals cooked for her
maybe a back or foot massage
the world will light up
with love…


mother’s day is a beautiful day.


even kids who may be upset
with their mom
will pick up the phone,
because on this day
for a small moment
a 3 minute conversation
can coat any wound with
a calm, warm, soothing balm
it’s called L-O-V-E…
mother’s forgive easily
they can honestly say
“been there, done that!”
they get what you are going through
even if you think there is no way possible
for them to relate,
they do…
trust your mom.
we love to hear your voice say
“hey mom, Happy Mother’s Day,
I love you…”
that’s it.
we don’t need long drawn out
we all know the feeling
of seeing our kids
beautiful smiles
as they greet us
on mothers day…
they are so filled with
unconditional love
and happiness at that
that we must
soak it all up
grab them and hug them tight
make THEM let go first
you have earned the right
to hold on endlessly…

call your mom
hug your mom
love your mom…
mom’s may be imperfect
mom’s may not have done
things your way
mom’s may not agree with
your choices
but mom’s
i open up the sunday paper
“make her sparkle this mother’s day…”
i close my eyes
for a moment-
i am back
in my mother’s convertible
sun shining so brightly
i can almost see the
individual rays
bouncing off of my
mother’s smile…
she has on her sunglasses
a scarf tied around her hair
we are on one of
our journeys…
she grabs my hand
and we both let out a
tiny giggle
“well, sher…here we go…”