our cape royal building at nautilus teachings



the first climb
up the dark
wet steps
allowed tears
from my eyes
to streak down my
my love was
stepping close
behind me.
i knew he was
full of stress and worry
about what
we would find…
before we began
our ascent
to the fifth floor-
which held
his professional life
and my sanctuary
of colors
i was gifted to share
with women and children-
we stood outside
looking up
at the broken windows
in our building…
earlier this day,
the first morning after
irma’s assault
on our tiny beach town
as we began hauling branches
an e.m.t. truck pulled up
greeting us with a smile
and began filling us in on
their first surveillance of
the roads, buildings, homes
we all loved so much…
what stopped us in our tracks
was his last sentence,
‘we are headed to the
cape royal building now.
evidently windows were blown out
flooding some of the floors …’
we thanked them.
they drove off.
we went back to work
on our yard
and within 15 minutes
we were in our fj
making the short drive
to find out
if our suites
were among the flooded…
we opened the door
to our landing
d’s door,
stepping upon a soaked carpet
quickly he entered his
beautiful office
to see panels of the
dropped ceiling had
been soaked,
broken into
a million tiny pieces
and landed upon his desk
coffee table
and his cross
cut from the twin towers
by his fireman friend
big john…
another soaked carpet
lie beneath it all…
i grab my key
and stomp through
a flooded hallway
open my door
to reveal
my tiny bali studios
held a half flooded floor
which appeared to come from the
suite across from me
more water filled up the
next section of hallway
and a peak inside my neighbors door
she too had some sitting water…

we worked
cleaning up our spaces
for a while.
soon, i joined him
leaving behind a whole sink
full of every towel i had in studio
with rain
thank God she’s gone Irma…
upon finishing
we descended
again through darkness
only to emerge
the entire board of directors
the outside
and murmuring,
‘i expected this to be worse…’
every day our stomach churns
almost as bad as it did
with the approaching
days of Irma
every day we climb to
our fifth floor
put out damp rid containers
and leave room deodorizers
plugged in,
as there is power in the outlets…
each day we drag a little more
of his work
down the steps
load it in our car
and begin the realization
his temporary office
in the sun trust bank
may become his new home
bali studios?
i have no answer for
no destination
no vision even
all my colors
are now muddled
you all know
yesterday, help began arriving
to our beautiful
53 year old building.
this morning
dozens of machines
and professional workers
were outside
ready to begin…
we will wait patiently
until mid afternoon
then drove up
and hoped for
just a tiny bit
of fresh air news like….
‘it’s not as bad as we thought…’
‘it’s just going to take more time…’
until then i get to play
with our grandson
and prentend
life has not changed…
this i know to be true…

our journey up today
was ok…
tons of big blue fans
were being carried to
every floor
to dry out the building
run by ginormous generators
and the best part was,
we found out
our building’s electricity
was fine…
it was FPL
who still needed to
start us up-
a big yeah
between us
and we ventured home
so i could make d
some temporary signs
for his temporary office!!!
how many drives
will it take
until we see light
in our tiny spaces?
how many workers
will work countless hours
to get us power
a clean building
and the first step
at normalcy back?
we popped over
after an extremely
fun and much needed
night out with friends
against the
black sky…
she may not have been
all back
but baby