P.W.’d at nautilus teachings


it’s valentines day
and my hubby has gone
to visit his mom.
upon his return
i am greeted with-
“________ thinks i’m p.w’d!”
“yeah, mom says, _______ thinks i am pw’d.!”
both of us are
falling down laughing our
butts off at this comment…
this p.w’d or (pussy whipped)
by definition is:

being completely controlled by your girlfriend or boyfriend

for those of you who know
d and me
you know this is hysterical
not even fathomable
but to picture or hear the words
roll off the tongue of my
beloved mom in law
in her bronx accent
with a huge grin upon
her face
then the closing of her eyes
the throwing up of her hands
and silence
and grinning ear to ear…
well we both thought-
tooooooo funny for words.
“you have got to be kidding me?!”
i am so completely overwhelmed
with laughing i nearly wet myself…
“oooooh Dr. S. is p.w.’d!!!
bet the boys
will love that story baby!”
he just smiles
takes off his shirt
flexes his amazing abs
and pecs
and says,
“what this? this?”
as he grins ear to ear
and waves his hand from
his shoulders to his waist…
i am dying here,
ready to just fall over
from the very thought of
my love ever ever ever
being p.w.’d!
then we begin to talk,
S-“you know i listen to you-
i respect your food allergies,
let you decorate the house
anyway you wish, after all ,
the boys do call it ‘Sheri’s house’,
only 2 pieces of furniture in here
are from my past…”
Me-“totally agree.
and i make you lunch every day
cook dinner , keep the house nice,
do the laundry,
take care of all moms needs,
see that the kids all get what
they wish or need,
take care of the dogs…”
we both at the same time
go, “hmmmmmmm…”
then we both crack up laughing and
say “we are both p.w.’d!”
and really what couple is not
both a little p.w.’d?
it’s part of marriage.
but neither one of us
control one another
because we both
support and love each other…

so, today i go see mom.
“i understand ________
said D was p.w.’d!”
mom looks at me
begins to laugh
and says,
“oh my Sheri, i love you so much.
yes, when she said that
i just rolled my eyes
and said,
“thank God he’s p.w’d
it’s about time…”
then i am laughing
and the staff is giggling
as i take in a deep breath
look around at the 6
very amused woman
when josephine says,
“well, if he ain’t p.w.’d
then he’s having an affair…
every woman’s man needs
to do exactly what she says
cause you know what they say,
‘if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy.’”
just then
tiny little sweet kelly
comes from around the corner
in her blonde curls
and sees all us old ladies
nearly wetting our paint
in laughter…
“what are you laughing at?’
she shyly asks…
josephine pipes right up,
“well little miss kelly (she is nearly 4)
does your daddy do everything
your mommy says for him to do?”
she just smiles her tiny sweetness
and says,
“uh,huh. if daddy doesn’t do what mommy
says he doesn’t get any sugar…”
are you laughing yet?
because we all were!
then she spins around,
does a twirl
and says,
“mommy says i have daddy right here…”
she holds up her little pinkie
what man/daddy isn’t a little  p.w.’d?
i would venture to guess
he is a very, very single man!