Painter of our lives-Nautilus teachings GUEST POST

Hello Friends-This post was written by Tara Cullison Fleming. A beautiful mother and friend.  I want to thank Tara for not just writing this beautiful prayer, but for thinking of me and sharing it with is with gratitude I now share it with all of you.

Tara and her beauties
Tara and her beauties


Thought of you…

Heavenly Father, painter of our lives. I pray you focus our thoughts, you focus our efforts, you focus our gifts on the canvas of our lives that you are painting.

Lord, each brushstroke represents a moment in our life, but Lord you are painting the big picture. Lord thank you for painting the rough places smooth, thank you for painting the mountains and hills to lower, thank you for painting the valleys to rise, and thank you Lord for painting clarity on the cloudiness

Lord not only have you chosen each one of us to paint but you already know every brushstroke

God paint our roots deep down in You, that we may not be moved

Father paint us being filled with your breath of life. Lord paint away the darkness of our sin with Your light. Show us that we are not a picture of our sin or circumstance.

Lord paint our blind eyes open that we may never put limits on Your almighty power

God paint us as Jesus with skin on…so that in our painting we are not alone but leading people to You!

Father paint us on Your great dance floor, celebrating joyfully the daily gift that you give us…the gift of today! Let us not focus on what has been painted or will be painted….bring all our focus to You….the artist!

We are called Your masterpieces. Help us to be confident in ourselves…Your art.

Father if we wander off the canvas help us remember Your grace and mercy will always, always paint us back

LORD paint us the way you want us…never let us try and take the brush from you

Lord add brushstrokes of knowledge, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, kindness, faithfulness, love, contentment, integrity, self control, respect, courage, generosity, joy, perseverance , humility, responsibility, hope, patience, passion for You, gratitude, and boldness this day and everyday

I love you Lord….artist of my canvas!