pelican calling

pelican calling
pelican calling

what is your calling?
what are you to hear?
is one life
more worthy than another?

walking the beach
i see two glorious
beautiful pelicans
laying lifeless
as one sits in
silent vigilance
over the death
of his friends…

sad beauty goodbye
sad beauty goodbye

i sit with him.
he looks at me
rolling his eyeballs
back and forth
sometimes pausing –
closing his eyelids…
he doesn’t move.
i speak words of comfort-

to a pelican

eyeballing me
eyeballing me

it is obvious
he feels this loss,
for he will not leave
the bodies of his friends…
people walk by-
he doesn’t flutter.
people walk up-
he doesn’t move.

he sits and he mourns

is his heart so
different from ours?
does he have
some type of emotional attachment
to the flock in
which he has been a part of
his entire life?

how different is that
from humanity?
why does it have to be
Whales and dolphins
mourn the loss of their calves
or loved ones
a swimmer
missing from their pod…

morning calling
morning calling

this circle,
this magic,
this give and take,
this ebb and flow
of life
on this
glorious beach
i get to
walk each day…
the sun rises,
i thank it for
blessing me
with breath
for awakening me
by the spirits
in the morning,
their repetitious
in praise
to the Lord
our God above…
to the gift
of life..


and then
grace and beauty
lie upon the sand
and my heart
for a majestic bird
i would gladly
take flight upon…
soaring me over
ocean blue
as he skims the water
catching his
fish for the day…

wings outstretched,
gliding effortlessly
only to come home..
to land upon the beach
and mourn
the loss of
two of his buddies
who at one time
graced this beach
with their beauty
and the silent wonder
as we
watch them fly
along the Atlantic coast
of our tiny beach town.

cocoa beach
cocoa beach

What calls you home?
where do you land
for safety?
who welcomes you?
when you are gone
will you be missed?
will hearts ache
for your giggle
the sound of your voice
the touch of your hands?
will they sit in silent wonder
on the holy night
you take flight
on God’s wings of love
you are home?
in feeling this
this hole within their
will they too
sit in
silent vigilance
as this
lone brown pelican
did on this
sunny, warm morning
in march
upon the sand
of cocoa beach?

thank you Lord
thank you Lord

we can only live
our life truthfully
through our faith
and belief in God
center your life
around your faith
and your wings
will unfurl

who waits for you?
who waits for you?