preparing for death at nautilus teachings

how can you help
someone you love
prepare for death?
the day after the Holy Spirit
visited sheri
she called her doctor
and asked him permission to
see her mom.
she knew her mom was
very sick
and sheri still had a raging fever.
so two days later than planned
sher and Nicholas
took the short ride
to see her mom.
her mom had told her,
“i need to talk to you Sher,
please get here as soon
as your fever drops…”
it was a gorgeous July day.
the humidity was low
the sun was bright
and the sky clear blue.
Nicholas was singing
in the back seat
‘you are my sunshine…’
they pulled into the driveway
she unbuckled Nicholas
picked him up
and entered her moms house.
mommy, where are you?”
still no answer
so they walked back to
her parents bedroom.
mom was still in bed.
she placed Nicholas on the bed
and said,
“give Grandma a good morning kiss…”
he did as told
but Dory did not flinch.
Nicholas sat down upon the bed
and smiled.
she gave him a few toys
and then tried to wake her mom.

“mom, it’s sheri. i am here. can you wake up?”
her mom mumbled something
she could not understand.
“mom. do you still want to go for a walk?”
Dory’s head nodded a tiny bit.
“ok mom. let’s get you up and in
your chair.”
but mom was unable to sit up alone
let alone walk.
so sher placed one chair at a time
forming a resting places between the
bedroom and the front porch
where the wheel chair was waiting for them.
little by little the two of them,
mother and daughter
with toddling Nicholas giggling
at their side the whole way
began their final journey…
when Dory was seated in her chair
sher placed Nicholas upon her lap,
“sit with grandma and be a good boy…”
Nicholas hugged his tiny arms around Dory
closed his eyes and shhhhh’d himself.
Dory placed her hand around him
and slightly opened her eyes
mumbling very slowly,
“sher…just talk to me…”
there they were.
the three of them
connected by an
unbreakable bond
baby stepping
down Dory’s beloved
Cinnamon lane
she lived on
as Sheri talked about
the day
the trees
naming every neighbors house
as they passed it
she talked about how much
she loved her mom
and how much nicholas loved
his grandmother
just talked
went on and on
and when they came to
the end of the street
as Sheri was turning the wheel chair
pointing it towards home
Dory’s head fell forward
yet her grasp upon her grandson
remained firm…

sheri was now crying openly
“mom, mom…you cannot die
please don’t go
i cannot live without you.
oh, mommy i need you
please please please
don’t die”
and as her tears
fell upon her mothers
soft new locks of hair
as Nicholas slept peacefully
in his grandmothers arms
as the sun shone
the wind blew
life began leaving Dory…
as Sheri approached
their driveway
she noticed her dad’s car-
must be lunchtime she thought.
turning the wheelchair into the driveway
the front door flew open
and her dad rushed out.
“sheri. what have you done? Oh dory dory…
you’ve killed your mother…”
he grabbed Nicholas
thrust him into Sheri’s arms
picked up Dory
and screamed,
“you’ve done enough now go home…”
he then raced into the house
with his beloved Dory
put her back in bed
and called the doctor.
Sheri did not leave.
she placed Nicholas in his playpen
with his toys
and went to see her mother.
her mom was slipping into an
unconscious state
so sher prepared
her to die.
gently she brushed her mothers teeth.
she brushed her few hairs
she washed her face
she put on a clean nightgown
and panties
then sat beside her mom.
she was ready.
or so she thought.
“what are you doing?
i told you to leave.
now get out of here, sheri”
her father screamed.
“dad. i was getting her ready
to go to the hospital.
i cleaned her up.
you know mom.
she would not want to go there
without her teeth brushed and
clean jammies on…”
her dad looked at her
pointed towards the door way
and sheri
she walked out of
her mother’s house
her mother
would never