pyros at nautilus teachings


4th of july
does it every year
brings out
all the pyro’s…
i understand the wanting
to celebrate our
the beauty of our America
the freedom
we all have…
not everyone enjoys
the noise
of fireworks-
it scares my dogs
so we turn the
television up a
little louder
each one of us
with a dog by our side
as we pet them
and assure them
“it’s ok, baby….”
last night
we had an unusual
amount of explosions
which all sounded very close
after 10 minutes i
went to my back yard
and sat down
as blast after colorful blast
shot across the canal
and opened up right over
my oak tree and house rooftop
pieces sprinkling down
in my yard…
this is a little tooooooooo
close for my comfort…
i know who the family is
i respect their love
of parties
and celebrations
but this year-

my husband assured me
our home would not
catch on fire from this
so i settled down
to watch Morgan Freeman
talk about God-
an excellent mini-series
by the way…
i was once married
to a 4th of july pyro-
his love of explosion
was downright scary to me
but i made sure
we always had a few
firemen at our parties
just in case
and we shot them at the
end of the dock over
a huge body of water…
even then
fireworks unsettled me.
my husband will tell you
how much i dislike the noise
of them
but i love my country
flying the flag
expressing gratitude
for those who fought
and continue to fight
for our freedom…
baby girl was in NYC
on a rooftop
celebrating with friends,
my other two were in
the OBX with family
having a fabulous time
which left us alone
with the boys
who were shaking
and nervous…
i for one am
super glad
pyro day is over,
even though tonight
i know
beyond a shadow of a doubt
someone will still
be shooting off
the tiny stuff
the leftovers
the ones not deemed
big enough for
their party…
maybe tonight
as they do this
they will be thinking
more about
their freedom
and less about
‘look at me…’
whichever way
the world will begin
to quiet once more
and as d and i
turn off our lights,
turn on
our recorded
NYC fireworks
and listen to
God bless america
proud to be an american
and every other patriotic
song the lights dance to…
i can assure the you
will be sound asleep!