remembering first loves at nautilus teachings


first loves,
WOWZA! (mine was 37 yrs ago!)
when your entire life
is controlled
and ordered,
being left off
on campus,
for sher
was like
being in
another country…
she was curious
about every one
and every thing
she saw.
she spent very little time
in her dorm room
because there was a beach
to walk upon
cute boys to talk to
new friends to meet
classes to drop out of
and change to
art, art and more art!
there were movie nights
keg parties
meet and greets
it was unbelievable…
sher knew
no matter what
this would be
the best time
of her life…
she quickly bonded
with a group of girls-
they called themselves
the inseparable seven.
the first week,
she tried out for Pom Pom
and made the squad.
when she put on her
red and white saddle shoes
scrunchy socks
wool skirt and sweater
she felt like an
something she had never felt.
the first day she put on her
uniform, peter was there
watching her walk,
but i like the red shorts better.
wanna grab a pizza tonight?”
‘why is he talking to me?’,
she thought.
‘is it because i am a freshman
and he thinks i am easy?’
sher was very insecure
had no self esteem
and told herself,
‘i will never be used
or harmed again
by any dumb boy,
if he wants a date
and if he wants me
he will have to earn me.’

that night,
they ordered pizza
and went to the commons
to watch the movie,
A star is Born…
all her girlfriends were there
so the boys hung back
as sher and her friend
soaked up the love story on screen.
midway through,
sher got up to go the bathroom
another boy approached her
and said,
“hey you wanna go make out?”
she was stunned
and very mad
so she took her beer
and poured it over the guys head.
peter ran over
grabbed her hand
twirled her around
and planted a kiss on her,
“oh, there you are.
i missed you…”
he stated loud enough for
the guy to hear
but the guy did not give up
he walked over to sher
and poured his beer on her head
and walked out…
sher was embarrassed
and wanted to hide.
peter took off his sweatshirt
gave it to sher
and said,
“come on, let’s get you
to the bathroom
so you can put this on…”
why was he doing this?
she honestly did not trust
any guy
she knew if they were kind
they wanted something
and she was tired
of giving her heart hope.
she came out of the bathroom
still smelling of beer
flush with embarrassment
head hung low,
“hey schultzy!” peter said
“come on, let’s go for a walk…”
the night air was crisp
winter was approaching fast
peter took her hand
as they walked in silence…
“hey, schultz…it’s ok. that guy was a jerk…”
she looked up into his big blue eyes
and her mind drifted for a moment
to the other blue eyed man
she had been writing…
she never knew if she would see him again,
and here peter was in front of her
grinning ear to ear…
whew! she breathed in a huge breath
‘why do you like me, peter ?’
he just smiled,
shook his head
and said,
“schultzy. there is no pressure here.
i want to get to know you.
i don’t know where that will lead.
i am a senior
you are a freshman
but tonight,
it’s just you and me…”
hand in hand they ran
across the grass giggling
he pulled her to the ground
gave her a long kiss
and then said,
“let’s look at the stars while you tell me
about your life so far,
we have all night…”
sher had never had
any man show interest
in her
and as she unfolded
the story of her life
he listened,
asked questions
and squeezed her hand
while looking
not just at the stars
but sometimes in her eyes…
‘oh man,’ she thought
when he walked her back
to her dorm
and kissed her goodnight,
‘he may be a keeper…’
the following day
sher ran to check her mail box…
sure enough a letter
from the first mr blue eyes.
she tore it open
and read his words,
“something about you
makes me smile.
can’t wait to see you again…”
oh boy!
two men
both blonde
blue eyed
sher thought,
‘i am only 18
and i think
i will date them both!’