rising up at nautilus teachings



there she was…
ankles tangled up
in long, thin
her face pointed toward
the mosaic slices
of light which
penetrated waters edge
her arms raised
waiting to be
lifted up
into the arms
of faith…
she let a small
air bubble escape
and followed it
with her big brown eyes
until at last it hit
the waters surface
and disappeared…
she must find a way
to release herself
from the upwelling
she was knotted to.
she began
twirling her ankles
then counter-clockwise
loosening the grip
of gritty memory
so thick
it was like mortar…
a few more small bubbles
fell off her lips
as tiny yellow fish
swim next to her-
they are all still,
air bubbles escaping
watching them
drift upward
to where she prayed to be…
wise old mr. hawksbill
glided up from the depths,
his tethered movements
helped her to
whirl around in
slow motion circles
as strand by
tentacled strand
shredded away
from her skin
curled up
and fell to the sandy bottom…

already she could feel
the warmth of the
blue atlantic
encompassing her
with healing energy…
clusters of air bubbles
each in a varying hues
of turquoise, yellow and blue
began spiraling
from her pink lips
as she smiled
bathing herself
in the uplifting current
towards the
grace, light and love of God…
as her frame ascended
she felt the buoyancy
of her faith
her skin became silky
as the outer layer
of barnacles
slid slowly off her
each one
pinging into the
sharp reef below…
soon she was weightless
limbs stretched outward
bobbing gently
in the tidal motion
of mother ocean
her lungs filled with
fresh, clean air
she closes her eyes
and takes a deep breath
and listens to the calling
of her soul
her center
which is her faith…

we are often
to memory,
and values
which we have out grown,
or no longer believe in…
we have the capacity
for growth
and for unlearning…
think about what
ties you down,
cages your soul,
your wings…
who took away your voice?
what stopped you
from putting yourself first,
loving and
respecting yourself?…
have the strength
confidence and courage
to rise above
that which held
you prisoner…

he found me
he found me