safe spaces at nautilus teachings

safe space
safe space

Safe spaces
Empty faces
Where demons
Never dared
Safe spaces
Colorful places
In the my little closet
Under the red wooden stairs…

I can here Ariel from the little Mermaid singing-”aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah,aah,,aaaaaaaa”
I was Fancy Finns the mermaid when I was little my song was a bit different
“Please, please, please God, make me a fish so I can swim far, far away…”
There is a feeling of overwhelming acceptance and power
When I sing my own song, pick my own palette
Just like Ariel, I did not pick my family, I was born into a world
I felt I did not belong

Safe space
Lock and key
All encompass me

My safe space
In the closet surrounded by my parents scent, their clothes
Wrapped me in the belief that love could protect me
My crayons and paper became my shield
Upon them I drew my protector
Wise old mr. Hawksbill
and my brilliantly colored fish friends

wise old mr. hawksbill
wise old mr. hawksbill

Safe space
I sleep so deep
Filled with images
I long to keep
Please hold me tight
Don’t let me go
For I hold secrets
No one can know

Safe spaces
are sacred-
Into mine
I released
All my tears
Teddy and I would sleep
Deep and soundly with
My mother’s sweater for a pillow
And my father’s sport coat for a blanket
The mixing of texture, scent and silence
Is soulfully healing

Safe space
I miss you
I must hold you
Within my heart
For we have moved
To a new place now
So in the corner
I now bow

color saved me
color saved me

Safe places change.
Mine did
There were no more lock and key places
All doors opened wide
Under the bed I would plan my escape
In the dark corner I would tremble with fear
In the linen closet
Behind the vacuum
I would pray

Safe space
Traveled with me
Over the years
Inside and out
House after house
Each one had corners
Which could hold my tears
Safe space
I now hold you inside
Remembering the closet
The corners
Which kept me alive
For inside you built up
This soul with great strength
Filled with color
And faith

choose faith
choose faith

Safe places
Fill up my soul now
Sure I carry memories with me
At times I still run to that corner
Having the
Safe places
As a child
Me the courage
Unfurl as a woman
The safest place
Of all
Be found