seekers at nautilus teachings

are you a seeker?
if so,
do you believe
you were born this way?
is it something you work at?
do you challenge yourself
to solve problems
try new foods
veer from routine
strive to be different
from the norm?
do you seek
inner peace
work at breathing
through stress
do you practice
and have faith
in anything
a higher being…
when you walk the beach
do you search for
sea glass
or do you stroll aimlessly
headphones on
your favorite tunes
crooning you?
what about at the gym?
are you a creature of habit
always doing the exact
same work out
on the exact same machine
or do you venture out a bit
trying everything
to work all those muscles
you never knew existed?
as we age
we tend to become
routine whores
the knowing
of what every day brings
rising at the same time
hitting the hay early enough
to catch enough Zzzzz’s
eating food which won’t upset our tummy
or make us break out in hives
staying in on friday nights
to catch up on our
recorded shows on the dvr…

we like cocooning
with the one we love
dogs by our side
on the sofa we hand picked
glued to the big screen tv
falling asleep early
only to wake up
roll back into bed
and snooze away til’
first mornings light…
as we get even older
our lives become about
all those doctor appointments
we have
the medicine we take
what it does to our body…
just talk to any person over the age of 80
and you will totally agree.
but here’s the thing,
to !
slow down
on being
a seeker
and we become
part time
hermit crabs
letting the barnacles of life
attach to us.
they do not weigh on us
they become
etched memories
of a life we
get to live
for such a short time
when we get the chance
to walk the beach
with our grandchildren
searching for shells
when we play
hide and seek once more
and giggle til’
we nearly wet our pants
when we hold
a new born
take in their scent
touch their smooth skin-
not wrinkled or
scarred like our own-
they are full of such purity
that we become seekers again

we start eating healthy
work out a bit more
get 8 hours of sleep
we sit in the warm sun
feeling the healing power
of its rays
we listen to our
adult children’s stories
and remember when…
we celebrate
the day we were born
instead of dreading it’s
yearly return
we go to weekly yoga classes
listen to new
inspirational speakers
we just seek
we know it is short
and we also recognize
we got caught up in
all the madness of it
and forgot to stop
more often to smell the roses
have the dessert
call a friend
sit with a loved one
on the front porch swing
go to every game
our kids played in
always putting them first
we got caught up
we have a ton to learn
from the aging
including the need
to continually
seek out
to be with those we love
call them
i believe we are all born seekers.
aging changes that
and just when we accept
we are getting old
we go back to that which
we were born into,
being a learner
a wisher
a dreamer…
life is short
i encourage you to seek
every day
in the smallest of ways
just one tiny thing,
even if all it is,
is pulling out that old tye dyed
shirt from one of your favorite concerts
or wearing a ribbon in your hair…
just do something each day
to let the world know