sharing your faith at nautilus teachings


his life had been maddening
long hours at work
an ailing mother
most of his children’s lives
were having major life events
he was in need of surgery
and to add to it
the holidays were here…
she took on as much
of the calling
and holding together as she could
possibly muster
she booked extra classes
to try and help the financial bleeding
the centered hum of peace
they breathed in and out each day
was gone…
her head buzzed
his would not shut off
she slept in knots
he was up at nights
but together
as husband and wife
they had shared faith-
not religions
but faith
they both believed
in giving it all to God
in prayer
and meditation
and on Saturdays
when he went to mass
she lit candles
and prayed
for each person
she knew and loved
by 5:30
they were together again
holding hands
watching movies
talking about
which appliance just broke down
and expressing gratitude
for the small things,
like friends popping over
to make them laugh
kids calling and not needing money
but to say “thank you, i love you…”
the new growth in their palm trees
and “boy, baby, that soup was delish!”
sharing faith for them
meant trusting
no matter what
they had each others backs
would be kind, loving
understanding, patient and faithful

neither one cared that
the other had different ways
of worshiping
because all that mattered
was that they both believed
their foundation was seeded
in faith
in the belief
of God…
he gets up to start a new week
the new year is looming
she is finishing her morning run
while the sun begins to rise
but always together
in thought
heart to heart…
she hears the
click, click, click
of his shoes
he kisses her gently
tells her he loves her
and will see her at lunch
she smiles
and as they both begin their day
each one
him in his car
she in her studio
take a moment
just a brief 10 seconds of their life
and say,
“thank you God…”
each of them is a participant
in not just their life
but all of the lives of those they love
in every area
they trust God…
i invite you to
shed all your masks
and fearlessly
with faith as your foundation
to our Father
let Him flood your soul
your life
your every breath with
the knowledge
He loves
accepts and forgives you…
and then
take all He gives you
and share it with everyone you love…