she and him at nautilus teachings


i am not sure
if there really was
any time,
in the beginning
of us,
that you read every word
i shared from my heart
or a time when you
asked me
how i was feeling
what was i thinking
what did i dream of
and i guess i figured
you just knew…
i think i just thought
‘well, if he’s crazy to
take a chance on me
then i will meet his crazy…’
somehow we just worked
it all fit together
like a hand molded
piece of furniture…
he was the legs
supporting us
and i was the smooth
always keeping
the surface clean,
calm and silky…
we each had a drawer
mine was overflowing
with sentences…
‘what if…
what do you think…
hey, read this…
look i found this…’
there were so many
they were crinkled up
and would pop out
once you pulled
the sliding drawer open…
his was nearly empty
a stray,
and emoticons
of every kind’…
she was the grains
the circles in the trunk
showing age lines
and he was the structure
which housed her..

sometimes one of her branches
would fall to the ground
and he would not notice
and when her leaves
changed colors
as they often did
he just looked the other way…
the beginning had turned into
the comfortable middle
and at times
her surface would show
white ring stains
from the wet glasses
which held her tears
that he left sitting there
she was being silly
or too much a chick
and he had no time for that…
she had become
for the most part
one of his ‘them’
he was too tired
in to much pain
and already knew
everything she was
going to say
so he ignored her
criticized her colors
and went on happily
knowing she
would never separate from him
because together
they were a beautiful
hand crafted
vintage bureau
and honestly
they truly loved one another…
so she lived within her world
began silencing her words
and decided
to only give him
what he asked for
and never
any more than that…
she would save the rest
for the whole world
to see
and hope some day
he would slow
and become curious
as to who the rest
of him
really was…