she wore the ocean at nautilus teachings


she wore the ocean
like a necklace
allowing it to
encompass her entirety…
on sad days
she would stand
before the
vast blue ocean
let the waves
tickle her toes
and wash away her tears…
on sunny days
when she was
on the beach with her friends
she would
plop her chair at oceans edge
grease up her body
and sit giggling
and watching the ocean
ebb in an out
covering her soul
like a soft blanket…
she always loved the ocean
from first meeting
the vast atlantic
in 1976

IMG_7639 (1)
she fell in love…
in those days
she would grab her board
and ride the waves
for hours
feeling the magnetic pull
energy and power of blue…
so when she had to leave
to travel anywhere
she would carry the ocean
upon her neck…
anytime she felt homesick
or in need of healing
her fingers would rub
the wave necklace
held together by thin strands
of leather
and tied so as not to slip off…
when her mother died
the first thing she did
was run to the ocean
and tell her story of
pain and loss…
when she divorced
her husband
years later
she ran into the ocean
and let herself float
arms and legs stretched out
each tiny wave that kissed her
gracefully broke off
one tiny barnacle at a time
of her aging, scarred shell,
until at last she was
gently placed upon the
soft, sandy shore
feeling cleansed
and forgiven…

IMG_7640 (1)
sometimes there were days
when she felt as if
she was suffocating
so she would
hoist the sail on
her orion sailboat
let the wind fill the white sheets
and spend the day
gliding across the water,
tears streaming down her cheeks
hair blown into knots
she was free…
she would watch the tiny fish
swim briskly beside her orion
and some days jumping dolphin
would make her drop sail
so she could once more
breath in the beauty
of their water dance…
she was born into blue
and knew that even though
she was a mid-western girl
her blood
needed the salty ocean
her toes
needed the tickling waves
and her soul
not just saving
but healing
and that forever
she would wear the ocean
around her neck…

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