slogans at nautilus teachings

some slogans are like labels-
full of lies…

No one actually believes
what they read.
is this really the
‘friendliest town in the country?’
People pick up food filled with preservatives
unable to actually decipher 99%
of the ingredients
because they are all some
type of chemical
added to flavor it,
make it last
give it color…
they go to cities
not knowing it is ridden with crime
because the local government
doesn’t want the truth
out there, for fear
it will scare
away precious tourist dollars…
Food expires,
so we throw it away.
Cities change
so we move
or we adapt.
Do you know how many calories
each bite of that really has?
do you care?
Do you know how many people live
in your city?
should you?


Slogans are like bumper stickers
If you blink you may not catch it all
“the city to watch”
Slips through the eyes quickly as
“the city who what?”
“it’s happening here”
May be like playing telephone and be seen
“let’s have a beer”
“the city in the suburbs”
If not read correctly could actually
“the city in the turds”
we rush by, driving
faster than the allowed speed
our cell phone glued to our side
gps telling us which way to turn…
without technology,
would be all be lost?
floating around
as if we are bobbing at sea
with no wind for our sail?

Slogans are for the politicians
businesses, corporations
even colleges…
For those who need their ego
to be stroked
For the ones who are in charge everywhere
To say, “I was chosen”
my food is the best
our football team is number one
i will make your city, state, life easier
if you just elect me…
slogans are the words politicians feel convey
The Heart of their city or themselves…
What city isn’t one to watch
Don’t they all deserve support and protection
Does not each city think
It’s the place to be because it’s happening there, too?
Finally, c’mon the city in the suburbs
Aren’t most cities in the burbs or they would be called towns?

Slogans I do not carry with me
labels i do not use
yet for some people
their lips never stop,
‘oh, she’s dumber than a doorknob’
‘he is clueless…’
‘can you believe how judgmental
they are?’
i don’t believe in calling
people stupid, ugly, fat
or telling them to shut up…’
i do however endorse
the occasional
and only if well deserved
and earned
‘fuck off!’

Each person born
Sees their birthplace
Through the eyes
Of those they love
Through colors,
and seasons…
Hurts, joys,
loves, beginnings…
Each person
Thinks where they came from
To be a place
No one else recognizes
For no one shares
The same
The same sensations
Or the same
And this says to me
The only reason we have

Is not for the dreamers
The artists
The writers
Or the givers


Are for the takers
The do-gooders
The wanna be’s
Who walk through life with blinders on

do we all really wanna
‘just do it?’
are we all
‘worth it?’
have you
‘got milk?’
do we believe BMW is
‘the ultimate driving machine?’
we know without being told
that m&m’s
will ‘melt in our mouth’
but i beg to differ with the rest
of their slogan,
‘but not in your hands…’
of course they will
if you don’t eat them fast enough…
why do we need slogans
are we that dimwitted
that uneducated
unable to make up
our own minds
that we have to be led
by every company
like a horse to water?

my tiny town
of Elgin is known as
the watch city
do to the famous elgin watch company
illinois is known
as the land of lincoln
the prairie state
and don’t forget the
’s’ is silent…
does any of this information
matter to me
at all?
when i think of my
i think of lords park
where i escaped to
every day…
growing up
i thought
‘wow…this is the place
the lord lives
so i am safe…’
for me
it held magic
and for me
it still does
in a few months
the holiday season will
be upon us
the commercials
will begin
and we will all smile
shed a tear
as coca-cola serenades us with
‘I’d like to buy the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That’s the real thing…’
and when super bowl rolls around
and budweiser
once more reveals
their always beautiful
heart felt
clydesdale commercials
i dare you not
to shed a tear…
as humans
like slogans
they are like
a familiar tune
a daily routine
they are an expectation
we never have to
second guess…
as we get older
and have grandchildren
we fall into old habits
we buy them frosted flakes
and say,
“They’re G-r-r-r-eat!”
we buy them a treat
singing happily,
“Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break
break me off a piece of that
kit kat bar”
as for the rest of them
floating around this big universe,
and they are everywhere
we look,
all i have to say is,
‘nothing outlasts the energizer bunny!’