slowing down at nautilus teachings

America seems fascinated
with speed-
how fast can
we get there?
will it be at lightning speed
shall i call you greased lightning
escape artist?
how fast is your wifi?
is it almost as slow
as the old dial up?
can you stay connected
no matter where you go?
are you in constant search
of the quickest,
cleanest way to stream?
do you get frustrated
at the emptiness of
no signal
and stand there
phone in the air
waving it around
“i need a signal?”
or are you more like
d and i?
his nickname is
‘the turtle’…
he drives
sightseeing all the way
adding comments
about cars
new signs
we yap about family
our faith
sometimes we sing
along with the crooners
but we just take life
at the speed given!
sure people are rude
honking at us
waving their middle finger
now and then
maneuvering around us
we just breathe
and trot our way
to wherever we are going
always being cautious
of every tiny thing
surrounding us.
to some,

this may seem maddening
but life is short
so the small amount of time
we get to spend together in the car
is just a new adventure for us…
it is 6:15am
people all around me
are racing
to whatever their
destination is-
probably work-
but i am going the speed limit of 70
and they are leaving me in their dust!
the funny thing is though
more times than not,
these speed demons
end up only one or two cars
in front of me
when i exit 95
waiting at the light
to turn left or right…
so, these people
are not really getting there
faster than me
but they are feeding
their inner need
to hurry up and get there.
i know the feeling,
i think we all do…
our lists are long
time is short
so the ability to
put the pedal to the metal
a bit heavier
gives us the satisfaction
that maybe,
just maybe
we will get those 10 minutes
of me time
we wish for each day-
even if it is just
showering alone!
we slide through
the yellow lights
sorta pause at
the stop signs
we are always searching
“how can i get ahead of that
bozo who is going so slow?”
aka-the speed limit!
we see the empty police cars
left strewn all over cocoa beach
in the hopes their presence
will urge us to
slow the fuck down,
but we don’t…

we know
and as we pass
we still glance over
just to check
and breathe a sigh of relief
why the need for speed?
why do we strive to be first?
the leader of the pack?
do we really need to be the hare?
painting turtles is one of my passions…
i love the lazy images
floating on top of my canvases
usually an aerial view…
i want people to pause
take a breath
and look at all the colors
shapes of their flippers
how big their eyes are
if they have an eyelid and lashes
i want people to want
to be my turtles…
to feel the tethered movements
of them
lulling them
into a silent calm
a knowing
that if you forget to slow
to observe
to visit life
in every way possible
you will
without a doubt
the smell of puppy breath
the first smile of a baby
the loneliness in the aging
the homeless person
who really needs a bottle of water
the scent of your spouse
returning from a long day
the smell of chicken baking…
what exactly are you missing
living life at break neck speed?
the meaning
the heart
the connection-
you are resisting the forces
of nature
throwing caution to the wind
blindly choosing
to not know
the temptation
to feel your life.
slow down
for goodness sake!
smell the ocean breeze
hear the giggles of your children
the breath of your spouse
sleeping next to you…
feel the warm waters
the ebbing and flowing
of life
watch the ceiling fan blades swirl
soak up the colors
of this world
fold your fingers together
exhale warm air
into the palms
and just
live in the knowing