snap, crackle, pop at nautilus teachings



so i noticed
as i was on pinterest
this morning
that aging was on my mind…
this makes me giggle
because today
my freckle face beauty turns 25-
a quarter of a century!!!
i remember the day she
was born
we called her popeye
because one of her eyes
just would not open all the way…
she was tiny then
and is still tiny in her
5’4” frame
she still has freckles
her hair has grown almost
to her bottom
and that ole popeye
well it opened up
and she has the most
dazzling set of
big brown eyes…
she loves high heels
and to dress up
she is all girl…
i was the complete opposite
at her age…
i was shy,
and extremely introverted
i was married and
my son was 18 months
my mother died
i began
to let go of
everything i knew
or had known…
at 25 i had no clue as to who i was
or what i wanted to do
with the rest of my life
all i knew was
the count down to 55 had begun…

you see my mother
and her mother
both died at 55
if i am to follow suit
i have 1.5 years left!
so when i am awakened all night
from body aches
even my cheek bones ache
of course my head starts spinning
you have bone cancer…
i love that i get to go through menopause
that i get to age
that i get to run every day
listening to the
snap, crackle, popping of my joints
i am not giving up on life
i am preparing
to age
and if i do not work my body daily
it will rebel…
i work out to feel good,
plain and simple…
to age is such a blessing
so many are denied
my mother
being one of them…

so today,
i encourage every one of you
to feel your life
smell the coffee brewing
taste that yogurt
you gobble down every day
without thinking
hug the people you love
listen to them
laugh with them
get outside
chase your kids
play ball
just move that body
put down the chips
and drink in the pure beauty
the priceless gift
of life…
listen the camera is
click, click, clicking
photos of you
how do you want to live
your life?!!!
everyday when i rise
i am thankful
God thought i was
worth keeping around
because that means
i get to
paint, paint, paint
with all the ladies
who share
barnacled, broken
awesome life
i am grateful
for you…