snap jars at nautilus teachings


legally blonde
pay homage
to the
‘snap jar’
i love them
d and i
have a love box
same thing,
different name
only in our box
you can also write
a note
to the other person
if you make
them mad
or hurt them
this way-
a conversation
takes place
and not
an argument…
i love this idea
for all sorts of reasons…
when my kids were
living at home
we practiced thankfulness
during the month of
every year
until they left home
i made a turkey
taped him to the wall
and cut enough feathers
for everyone to fill out
one a day
naming something
they were grateful for…
needless to say
by thanksgiving we had
one big bird!
and during christmas season
our countdown to christmas
was family devotion
every day
from the day after thanksgiving
to christmas…
the rest of the year
it was all up for grabs.

the idea of
snap jars
is to uplift people
to make them smile
feel good about
even if all you can think of
‘oh my, how i love the shoes she wears…’
‘he can play a rockin’ air guitar…’
anything at all
as long as it’s kind…
what has happened to kindness?
i do not understand
why there is so much killing.
this political madness
makes me angry…
i detest that the
pledge of allegiance
was taken out of schools
and this Kaepernick guy
who started protesting
during the national anthem
is just heartbreaking.
i rarely watch tv
listen to the news
or read the internet…
negativity is just no good
i for one think
any person who becomes
an American citizen
should speak english
as one of their languages
respect our traditions
national anthems
and flags
if they ever ever ever
commit any crime
their citizenship
should be revoked…
what if every person
who is in prison
was given a ‘snap jar?’

told they had to write
all the good things
they did in their life
on the papers?
or better yet
what if they were given
a ‘snapped jar’
where they could write down
why they did what they did it
and then were allowed
to burn it
with the understanding
they must write letters
of apology asking forgiveness?
i know,
i know,
i know…
you think this is stupid
or impossible
but what happened to
brotherly love
could i forgive someone
if they harmed
or killed someone
i know and love?
i say the Lords prayer
at least 10 times a day
and in the prayer,
as you know are the words
“… forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass
against us…”
i am not lying when i say
it would be difficult
i would be angry
i also know
God would want me to forgive…
three years ago
i took Desmond Tutu’s
forgiveness challenge-
it changed my life…
for the first time
i was able to fully let go
of the abuse i suffered
and find happiness.

“forgiveness does not mean condoning what
has been done. it means taking what
happened seriously and not minimizing it;
drawing out the sting in the memory
that threatens to poison our
entire existence.” -Desmond Tutu

let’s go back to the ‘snap jars’
if you remember in the movie
no one wrote something nice
about Elle Woods
but by the end of the movies
every one was ‘snapping’ away
smiling and being kind…
it was a small movement
but change took place…
i believe there should be
‘snap jars’ everywhere
“i had the best waitress ever…”
“my mailman is so kind…”
“today, i heard a child say please and thank you…”
whatever you feel grateful for
at that moment
write it down
put it in a jar
and in those moments
when you are feeling
sad, alone
need a quick pick me up
grab your jar
and begin to read
about your tiny
wonderful life…
i bet soon you will be
come on…
i dare you
to start your own
‘snap jar’ today…