soaking it up at nautilus teachings

on my drive
over the Pineda causeway
early one morning
last week,
as the sun
began to rise
over mother ocean
and reflect in my rear view mirror
so too was the full moon
cascading downward
kissing the night sky adieu
gently winking
at the awakening day
and glistening
a soft echoing image
upon the still
river waters…
the wind was still asleep
cars were buzzing by me
at fast rates of speed
yet to my right
a young man had pulled over
and was taking photographs
of this breathtaking view…
i felt so small
driving slowly
in my car,
trying to take it all in
lock it in memory
wishing i too,
had pulled over
to capture the scene
but i also knew
nothing could
recreate the beauty
my eyes were taking in,
i slowed down
and smiled…
this morning
the river was flat
not a ripple.
you could see
the houses and trees
which lined it
upon the water
it was as if
Monet had painted
a masterpiece
while we slept.

during these less balmy
mornings of Florida winter,
d and i will take our
Sunday coffee out to the dock
both of us
still waking up
soak up the artistry
surrounding us
we gasp as if we are
seeing our back yard for
the very first time…
“baby, look at all the fish,
the rive is soooooo clear…”
“honey, the water is so still
that the boats are almost
sketched upon the surface…”
then we smile
hold hands
enjoy our coffee
talk about our day
watch the boys run around
the back yard
and just
breathe in life.
eventually we talk about our days plan
stretch our legs
and begin
take today for example
i am nursing a sore throat
so the boys and i are inside
the world, i am keeping at bay
they both are passed out
at my feet
as i catch up on recordings
and rest.
all of these tiny moments
driving in my car
sitting with d
hanging out quietly
with the boys
i hold close
upon the surface level
of my soul
to pull out
at times of stress
or even sadness…

i am a memory keeper,
always have been.
while other people remember
i remember
color, taste, sound, touch
i can tell d exactly
what he was wearing
and what they served
just as easily as he can
recite the topics
we discussed with our friends.
my goal
in this,
my 55th year of life
is to savor more
slow down
give more
express daily gratitude
continue to forgive
the list goes on
and on
for i know life
is fleeting.
just today i was looking in the mirror
as i washed my hands
i gasped and said,
“holy crap…where did all those
wrinkles come from?”
i realized i had my readers on
and they were magnifying my face,
but still…
i will continue to choose to see
myself with the “linda evans lense” on
and never with my glasses again-
that was downright scary!!!
slow down.
love yourself.
be kind.
have faith.
live in the knowing
tomorrow is truly a gift.
i now leave 15 minutes earlier
than i need to in the morning
just in case
i get the chance
to stop
pull over
and stand
letting the grace of God
wash over me
soaking up all
His colors
of this one
beautiful life.