stopping at nautilus teachings


and then,
she stopped…
all the cracks
of the past week
radiated light.
she could see again
hear God’s voice
and in this instant,
she knew…
the arrows
pointed in many directions
new paths lie ahead
but for a moment
right now
she stopped,
felt the softness
of a clean sweatshirt
the coolness
of her leather rocking chair
touched her damp
freshly shampooed hair
lit a candle
poured a glass of wine
breathed in stillness
have you ever
been faced with choices-
with life changing,
even though you did not ask
for them
you know the ones,
that whisper,
“sheri, sheri, sheri….
i’m here,
at first
you tune them out.
life is good!
ebbing and flowing
with ease
everyone is happy,
so why,
at this moment
this crazy time in your life
do you hear,
“it’s time…
follow me…
open the doors…”

you push on
and all of sudden
everything begins
to un-sync
your iPod stops working
your dog has hives
classes are empty
creativity, a struggle
matthew arrives…
as the wind blows
and the rain pours
you hear it again,
“wake up.
it’s time
don’t be afraid
this is what
i have been
leading your towards
preparing you for
it’s time
my dear child…”
so today,
she stopped.
fell to her knees
and one by one
began to open
the new doors…
she felt like a kid again
she was happy
fear had left
and she knew
God’s nudges,
his repeated whispers,
her faith
always buoyed her
keeping her balanced…
for a while now
she had been sleeping
10-12 hours a night
feeling sad
in the knowing
‘times are a changin’
but this,
it was part of her dream…
faith has a way
of settling in around us
every thought
if we allow our
souls to settle
listening to silence
for it is only in
this kinda weird
and awkward feeling moment,
His whispers begin…
we just have to be patient
riding out all the storms
getting lost in
daily routines
for it is only then
He challenges us
to step over our fears
and begin
again and again…

it is during our weakest moments
we find strength
we grow a bit more in spirit
allowing courage
to emanate from
all our cracks
as our voice sings out,
“i hear you,
oh Heavenly Father…
i hear you.
guide me
take my hand
mold me
one thing i know for sure
in my life,
God has never let me down
i have never been alone
His unconditional love
and forgiveness sustains me
it has only been i,
who stopped listening
turned the other way
thought i knew it all
and every time i believed
i was beaten
up against a brick wall
it was His hand that
cradled me
His whispers
that fed me
and His love
that picked me up
leading me
down the right path
the chosen sandy
foot printed lane
back into grace…
i urge you today
to stop!
find 5 minutes
just for you
“in the stillness of life,
faith grows…”