stopping the world at nautilus teachings


“stop the world
i want to get off…”
have you ever
felt like screaming that?!!
i think we all have
at some point in our lives…
this is the
loudest time
of year for this
to be said,
but so many people
are silently
curled up
in their beds
crying alone
just needing one person
to reach out
just be there
even in their silence…
not everyone
can be a lucy!
some of us
are just
charlie browns
in need of
peace on earth
and good will toward men
always trying to
kick that football
every time
some one person
will yank out
our glory….
so what do we do?
how do we smile
through all the madness?
charge up credit cards
others drink to much
and then there are the
silent mask wearing people
who hide behind
a plastered on fake smile
laugh with you
go to all the parties
let you cry on their shoulder
talk to everyone
and eventually
go home alone
to a dark house
that is not decorated
there is no holly
and certainly
they do not feel jolly
but they are good
at hiding it
the masters
in disguise…

i can tell you from experience
once you get used to pretend
it gets easier and easier
the older you get…
you’ve heard the quote
“it hurts,
but that’s ok,
i’m used to it…”
i said this for 37 years
about abuse.
when i began telling people my real story
they had the nerve to call me a liar
someone close to me said,
“oh, it wasn’t that bad…suck it up…”
i was absolutely flattened
by these comments
and not a one of these people
is in my life today.
i was not looking for sympathy at all
what i wanted
was someone to just
shut up
and listen…
for it to be ok to cry
about my bad choices
to let me talk it out
and hear myself say,
‘i was an idiot for staying
and i won’t take it any more…’
but i never got that.
so i stayed until i broke…
someone d and i love
very much
suffers from depression
and when they crash
i make sure i am there
just to sit
dry tears
we need each other
to uplift
and not tear down…
this is not the 1960’s
of my youth,
i know that
but as humans
we still need people…
my girlfriend and i text
each other whenever our hubbies
do something we don’t necessarily
agree with-
‘men are dicks!’
it makes us both lighten up
and laugh
because we know
women can be
how do they put it?
oh yes,
‘pains in their ballsacks!’
be an observer
hush your
beautiful self
and notice
who is
“stop the world,
i want to get off…”
even if you don’t know them
i promise you
a smile
kind word
will change their whole
outlook on the day
what do i always say?
“in the end,
only kindness matters…”