summer camps and byob’s at nautilus teachings


i have already decided
next years summer camps themes
for each week…
for the girls
i must, must, must
do a week of mermaid camp.
which leads to the obvious
superheroes for boys!
my last week is
going to be
painting with the masters-
we definitely have to paint
‘happy clouds’.
i love planning classes
dreaming about the giggles
and smiles upon the kids faces
the crazy three fun weeks
of madness,
finding young helpers
who were once themselves
artists at miss sheri’s studio
when they were little,
it’s just a super cool life
i get to lead
watching all these amazing kids
what a blessing.
we recently found out
from our son and his wife
that we will be blessed
with a grandson next march
so of course
i am all over etsy
looking for superhero tiny outfits
and anything else
all the very creative
and talented women
who sell their beautiful creations
place before my eyes
to, buy me,
no – me
and me…
let’s just say
the mailman knocks on my door
quite frequently with
awesome packages…
life is a gift.
i am filled with gratitude.
as a matter of fact
my husband and i were talking
about being old one day
-sooner than later-

and how we want to begin doing yoga together
taking surf/yoga retreat vacations
and keeping our bodies limber,
healthy and strong
because we both
want to live to at least 100!!!
no kidding.
everything in life is connected.
i get to see small children
grow into amazing young adults
i get to see my children
become parents
i get to become a grandparent
we get to think about retirement
for my hubby
we get to
we get to
we get to…
so while we get to work for
another 10 years-
at least that’s the plan-
we are choosing to not complain
about all the stuff we just cannot change…
we are choosing instead,
does that mean d won’t loose his temper again?
my lips to God’s ears,
but the answer is still NO!
he will.
will i still stress about
how to get ladies to paint
in my studio
because every where you turn
another BYOB is opening up?

but then you reframe it,
step back
breathe in
and say,
“ya know what?
as long as i keep learning
and keep sharing
i will always have
someone to paint with
someone to teach,
to watch grow
to maybe even see them
go into the arts themselves
one day…”
i don’t need an army
or a village
or even a whole damn fleet…
i love being small
because as miss sheri always say,
“we might be small,
but we are mighty…”
next summer i will put on my red
superhero cape
and listen to all the noise
that comes with boys.
i will teach the girls
to braid and bead each others hair,
make bracelets, necklaces
and hair pins
while they whisper
to one another and giggle.
finally, i get to
share bob ross,
vincent van gogh
monet and many other masters
teaching them
different ways to manipulate paints
while their voices cry out,
“miss sheri,
miss sheri,
miss sheri,
this is so cooooool….”
this is happiness for me.
it is pure joy.
i will never make a million dollars
but every child’s life i get to add color to
every woman who graces my studio
learning to let it all go
while sipping wine and painting
all the private parties
i get to host…
all of this
is just
and feeds
this ole’ midwestern girl’s soul
all the nourishment needed.
i always have dr. d
who very graciously found me
and said,
as i have told you so many times,
“blondie, it’s all yours
time to fill up cocoa beach
with your colors…”
and i get to do that,
one person at a time…
holy WOWZA!