super mama cape at nautilus teachings


the red silk cape
dangled by worn threads
from the hook in her closet…
it had been a week
from she’s not sure where…
one of the kids was sick
the other two needed
rides to school,
then onto practice
after the day was done…
she had been cleaning up vomit
changing sheets
giving numerous baths
and trying to maintain
breathing in fresh air
instead of the yuk of flu…
the house would have to
stay a mess
she had no time to dust
let alone vacuum
and absolutely no time to cook…
thank goodness she still
had a few sick days from work
allowing her to stay home…
just then her cell rings-
“hey, listen…
Vivi has fallen
and she needs to see a doctor,
can you come and get her
and have her ankle x-rayed?”

what? you think…
how are you going to
pick up your mom-in-law
who can’t walk
and take her to the dr.
with a kid who is puking everywhere
and running a high temp?
“i’m sorry,
i cannot do this today…
do you have a dr. who can come out?”
“no, no, her foot is swollen…”
she brushes back her hair
calls her hubby
for guidance and breathes in
a few moments of peace…
when he picks up the phone
she feels love and warmth,
“hey ‘blondage’, what’s up,
hows the baby of the family?
still puking?”
she fills him in
all the while keeping upbeat
then quickly changes to
his mom…
he responds,
“no worry love, i will call out there
and take care of this.
you have enough on your plate today…”
immediately she feels the stress
take flight…
you check your daughters forehead
while she finally sleeps –
the fever has broke
she is clean…
you quietly whisper,
“thank you God…”
walk into the living room
and see your best friend
walking up to the door.
“Hey! hows the sick zone going?”
“better, she’s on the mend
and d is taking care of everything else…
i have an hour to clean myself up
get the house put back in place
maybe start a little dinner
before i get the other two…
how are you ?”
“i’m great. i stopped by to let you know
i will pick up your kids with mine
and take them all to practice
then bring them home after…”
she wants to burst into tears
how lucky she is to have her
as her bff…

she grabs her, hugs her,
begins to cry and says,
“thank you. thank you. thank you.
i, i, i am so blessed to have
you in my life…i promise
i will pay this one forward…”
i invite her in for tea
and we sit laughing at stories
of our kids, hubbies and just memories…
as she leaves
we smile
exchange i love you’s
and she is off…
we all have these days,
sometimes they turn into weeks
but we find the strength and courage
to wear our super mama capes
and just get it all done.
at the end of the day
when we get to
‘release the girls’
let our cape fall gracefully
to the floor
and notice we are
full of sweat, spit up and dirt
we breathe in and out,
walk to the bathroom
to wash off the day
fall into our biggest, softest
sweatshirt and cozy socks
check on our clean, fed, sleeping kids
kiss our zoned out hubby good night
and walk back to our room
our safe haven…
you light your candle,
peel back the sheets
and notice your cape
still upon the floor…
you bend over to pick it up
and smile at the lightness of it…
your life is a blessing
the heaviness of the day
melts away
as you softly walk to your closet
hang up your cape
and pray,
“thank you God,
for this cape of faith
and for your love
which sustains me
and feeds me
each day…”

super dogs in their capes
super dogs in their capes of healing love