taking back faith at nautilus teachings

let it go
let it go

i began this day
with each step
placed upon
kip mazuy
playing through
my earbuds
beading upon
my still
sleeping skin
i shake
my chest pounds
my hands quiver
i feel
out of sorts
pulled in directions
i did not ask for
yet need to accept
my breathing
begins to slow
and as i round the corner
towards home
i feel calm
as i open the front door
i once more
am rattled
chest pounding
i settle down on the floor
for my yoga and begin
breathing takes over
and once more peace
encompasses me

break open for HIS love
break open for HIS love

i enter the day
as i wash up
get dressed
wipe up the kitchen floor
start the laundry
and make my coffee
i am thankful for routine
for monday chores
which ensure me
i am fine,
but inside
i am still unsettled
and i know
this too will pass
for my world
has been
shaken up
stomped on
wrung out
and spit upon
i am short with words
and have no patience
but each day
the acceptance of it all
slowly covers the wounds
i feel
and one by one my colors
begin to appear

love yourself
love yourself

i have created an indoor
battle zone within my body
and it is rebelling
for the power of my faith
in this
“i don’t believe in God” world
statistics are everywhere
informing us of the disbelief in the world
today by the young-

Two-thirds of teenagers don’t believe in God… and think reality TV is more important

Nearly two-thirds of teenagers don’t believe in God and think that reality television is far more important than religion, new research has revealed.
The survey showed that 66 per cent of teens do not believe a deity exists while 50 per cent have never prayed and 16 per cent have never been to church.
Teenagers rated family, friends, money, music and even reality TV shows above faith.

Other statistics which emerged from the report included:
• 59 per cent of children believed religion has had a negative influence on the world
• 60 per cent only go to church for a wedding or christening
• Only 30 per cent of teenagers think there is an afterlife…
• … while 10 per cent believe in reincarnation
• 47 per cent said organized religion had no place in the world
• 60 per cent don’t believe Religious Studies should be compulsory in schools
• However, 91 per cent agreed they should treat others the way they wished to be treated themselves

having raised three children myself in the faith
with prayer and gratitude being a daily
part of our family life
i found by the time they were 13
their personal choice was to leave the church
they would say to me
“i don’t believe in organized religion”
or ask me
“Don’t you believe in evolution?
the world was not created in 7 days, mom…”

i expected rebellion,
for them each to find their own way
which is why i gave them the foundation
of faith
today i have one who is a conspiracy theorist
one who is agnostic
and one who has faith yet open to other beliefs
we all have to make our own choices
i have been allowing
two of my three to really shake up my world
-not make me question my faith
but to invade the calm peace
my faith brings me

so today
i begin taking it back
little by little
piece by piece
with action
with words
with kindness
and strength
for it is through my faith
i found my voice
my worth
my courage
my life
and if this means
little interaction
between us
it will continue to hurt, yes,
but i am not
willing to compromise
my beliefs
just to get along with my kids.
The shaking gone
breathing calm
eyes wide open
and my faith
i wear proudly
in all i do
and think.