thanks for the wings at nautilus teachings



“closing the store
is the brave thing to do…
you are daring to imagine
that you could have
a different life…
oh, i know it doesn’t feel
that way right now,
you feel like a big fat failure…
but you’re not!
you are marching
into the unknown

10 years ago
bali studios
opened it’s doors
to this tiny beach town
and oh
what a journey
it has been…
for the longest time
i was given the honor
of hosting
birthday parties, GNO, fundraisers
and all kinds of gatherings…
i was the
venue to host
BYOB paint nights
and my summer camps
have all been a blast…
my price of $30 has
never changed
and summer camps
are still $100…

over the past 2 years
i have struggled to even get
5 people to paint
twice a month
which means
God has been preparing me
for a change…
i have worked through
the anger, and sadness
of once more
at the age of 55
a bit more…
honestly, peoples
lives are busy
paint nights are everywhere,
not to mention
painting furniture
designing wooden signs
tutorials on pinterest and Youtube
and who knows what else
i have not yet seen
as i flip through
my facebook feed
and see all the smiling,
lovely and beautiful faces
that used to grace my studio…

bali studios
will still be open
with her shiny new floors
my new paintings
and of course my new book…
you can schedule paint nights
any type of party or fundraiser
on any day/night you choose
like always
same rules apply
minimum 5 paid painters
$30 a piece
and you tell me what you would like to paint
will not
copy any persons painting
so please do not ask me to…
if you want to paint
a butterfly
then send me a photograph
of the one you love-
that’s how i roll,
always keeping
as the center…
i just will not be
posting any new
except my final
holiday/paint night
which is a Tuesday
and a month away
so check your calendars
mark it down
and come say goodbye to me
or wish me luck
or share a hug
a smile
shed a tear even…

what will sheri do?
-i will open my studio up to be rented as a venue
-i will pray for private parties to be booked
-i will still host all kids events and summer camps
-i will be open to new learning/teaching ideas
-i will continue to paint and write
-i will have a show once a year
i will believe
i will trust
i will have faith
because that is what has
gotten me through my life thus far
and it’s always worked out…

thank you all for being
so kind and gracious
for 10 years…
keep signing your kids
up for summer camps
and kids christmas
and mom and me nights
plan those baby showers
girls nights out
bridal showers
birthday parties
and call me
to reserve your night…
whatever you decide
wherever you go
whatever you do
i wish every one of you
and God’s blessing upon
your life…

we are all connected
in some way
and you are all connected
to me forever…
can you help?
book a party
recommend my
gorgeous space as a venue
but mostly
just be my friend.
don’t forget
this ole
artsy fartsy
crazy chick
who feels
and paints
her way through life…

i was gifted
and the opportunity
to get your creative juices flowing…
some of you found out
you could paint
and never needed me again
some of you just came
to laugh and ‘try to paint’
but most of you
wowed me with
your creativity and talent…

the painted floor is now gone
the table tops that hold
the last of the paint night memories
will soon be replaced
bali studios
never be the same,

“I am daring to imagine
that i could have
a different life…
oh, i know it doesn’t feel
that way right now,
i feel like a big fat failure…”

i am not a failure at all,
in fact you all have helped me
unfurl my wings…
i have
a wonderful life

“dear george-
remember NO man is a failure
who has FRIENDS.
thanks for the wings!