thanksgiving calm at nautilus teachings


a quiet calm
has settled over our home
the boys are
done moping
over baby girls leaving
the wild winds
are blowing in
the holidays.
side by side
my love and i work
to light the outside
of our home
we have
as two of our
5 grown children
will be arriving home
late wednesday night
after this old girl
and her man
have gone to sleep…
i am reminded of
the motel 6 commercial
“we always leave the light on”
and giggle…
inside it is
with pumpkins
and mossy green
and chestnut brown candles
which have nearly
run out of wick…
hovers like a silky mist…

IMG_0191 2 IMG_0190 2
this year
we are making brunch…
mom has few good hours each day,
and friends have later commitments,
so it works
and the two of us
love the thought of
ham biscuits
holiday potatoes
and of course
a turkey…
we are excited about
rising before the sun
to put the turkey in.
for the both of us
it brings back
childhood memories
of our moms
doing exactly the same thing
and by the time we both
woke up as children
the smell of thanksgiving
floated through the house…
two different cities
chicago and nyc
40 some years ago
neither one of us knowing
we would one day
find each other
and share a life
of color
and love…

my husband and i
are very simple people
we both love rising
on turkey day
to make our coffee
and sit out front
with all our christmas lights on
as we cheer,
and wave
with all the early morning
turkey trotters
running past our home…
we also both love
our tiny towns
art show
we love to walk to it
each day
and just be amongst
all the spirit of
cocoa beach…
the grown kids all come home
and we get to hop
house to house
soaking up all their
now adult lives
and love listening
to their stories
of life in their 20’s and 30’s…
we are a pair
doc and i
as mismatched as we may appear-
mr. dr and ms. artist-
we have found this
that rises
crests and rolls
like a soft
incoming tide…
as you begin preparing
for your own thanksgiving
we both wish you love
and want you to know
how grateful we are
for each one of you
who has touched our lives.
know we love you too
and feel blessed
to have you as our friends.