the bali art lady at nautilus teachings

have you heard
about the woman
who lives in the tiny house
on the small piece of land
across the street from the beach
on the narrow canal
just a 1/2 mile down from
the tall building she visits
to teach art classes in?
she comes from
the windy city
and swears the frost
tattooed pain
upon her soul.
the summer
when she was 5
her mom signed her up
for water ballet
where she learned about
sea turtles, mermaids
and brightly colored
whimsical fish…
it was also the first year
she remembers
meeting God
the first was when
she “swallowed her tongue”
stopped breathing
and floated above her body
watching the firemen
bring her back to life
all the while God speaking to her
telling her she would live to be
an old lady with long grey hair…
the second incident occurred
when she was held under water
by someone she loved
only to be rescued by her mother.
this time when she met God, He told her
she would live to tell her story
to help heal people
that her whole life
she would walk in His grace…
this woman
is an observer
she quietly watches
the world
in all it’s madness
race by her
she’s ok with not understanding
most of it
she even understands
she will never paint a masterpiece
or win a nobel prize for her writing….

on some days she wants
to run away and live like a gypsy
wandering the world
soaking up all the colors
but most days
she stays hidden away
in her tiny house
with the small studio
painting her life
upon canvases
writing her life story
for the world to read
she’s just one person
in this gigantic universe
and she understands
to most people
she means nothing,
and that is
A.O.K. with her
for she will not stop
trying to inspire people
never will she cease teaching
no matter how many
pop up paint like me shops open up…
you see
she believes in herself
she is strong,
filled with compassion
and empathy
for every person
young or old
who enters her space
she is just honored to
have them in her tiny studio
in the tall building
with the red light
and when the night is over
and everyone goes home
she sits in darkness
with just her twinkle lights on
thanking God for blessing
her with this one beautiful life…
her struggles to get here
are as real as the wind blowing
sun shining
and waves crashing upon
the sandy shore.
she is no longer shy
she found her voice
and no matter if it is
one person or many
she sits in wait
for the next class
the next chance
to splash a little color
into someones life
to share a laugh
and to touch a human soul
with her gift of grace and light…
is she crazy ?
maybe a bit.
but reality is
she just doesn’t listen to
the nay sayers
the debbie downers
and the negativity of the world
only good vibes
and positive mojo
drip from her
painted fingertips…
it’s 2017
have you met her?
painted with her?
do you even know she exists?
if not,
what are you waiting for…