the brinks men at nautilus teachings


we all know their trucks
they are armored
whitish/grey with big letters
we see the men
carrying their locked bags
armed with weapons
they are so so so serious
just as serious as the
guards outside buckingham palace-
the guys stand
for 4 hours shifts
and are not allowed to
talk, smile or move…
but rumor has it every now
and then you can find
a guard who will break
into song or start giggling
but for the most part
they are there to serve and protect.
Brinks guards
on the other hand
don’t smile
and as far as i can tell
even speak…
they protect
and guard with their life
the money
in those heavy bags…

i was at starbucks the other
day when the guys came in,
“oh, you finally brought my money…”
i say with my big smile
and attach a tiny giggle-
he just looked at me
like i was crazy…
another attempt was at my bank.
the guys were outside
loading a dolly up with orange
bags of money
when i walked by
in my shorty shorts and tank top
on a gorgeous sunny day,
“hey, wow…you guys were so nice
to bring my money all nicely wrapped up,
thanks so much…”
this time they did glance at me
for a brief moment
then went on protecting their cash
as they rolled it into a bank of people…
you hear about money bags
falling out of brinks trucks
quite frequently…
i myself have never witnessed
what must be an amazing sight
of money flying away from the brinks men
but it appears from what i could read
most money
lost by their trucks is returned.
i wonder if they get in trouble?
a slap on the hand?
get a time out?
sit in the corner with their face to the wall?
write 1,000 times
i will lock the back door of the truck?
do they have to pay the money back they loose?
the next time i encounter
one of these
“i take my job
very serious men”
i think i will hand them my business card
smile, tilt my head and kindly say,
“if you ever want to talk about it,
give me a call…”
how much you wanna bet
they either ignore me
or i get arrested for
trying to hold up the brinks guy?!