the first thanksgiving

the first thanksgiving
the first thanksgiving

for the first time in 28
i will sit at
my Mother’s table
for a Thanksgiving dinner.
Acquiring her table
took 27 years.
You see,
mom has been with God
since July 20 1987.
83 years ago today,
November 25, 1931
she entered this world.
I still miss her
so much
that my
whole body
but today
was the first year
i did not miss her
because amidst all
the prepping for
thanksgiving dinner
and the cleaning-
i found myself
smiling through tears
of joy.
For my mothers table is home.


she always wanted me to have
this table
because she bought it
without consent-
with her own money-
and on the day it arrived
sat at this table,
ran her hand across the shiny surface
and smiled
with such pride…..
it was the first time
i can remember her standing her ground
and being strong enough
to stand up tall
and say,
through many tears,
i had my 18th birthday at this table
i made my wedding rice bags at this table
many beautiful memories were made
at this table with my mother
the most important being
her sitting with my son
at this table when he was a baby.

he is 28.

my children did not grow up
knowing their grandmother
but their children will grow up
hearing the story
of great grandmas table-
i promise you that!!!
for in the midst
of fighting every battle
humanly possible
my mother
found strength.
My mother laughed, cried,
entertained and worked
at this table.
my hands now run across the smooth
the reflection may be of me-
but the memories are of her.
For as long as she was alive
she was my Nautilus
my faith guide
and upon her passing
left me in the best of hands of all
she left me,
in the palm of God’s hand.
it is here i am unconditionally loved and forgiven.

Happy Birthday Mom.
i love and miss you always.
sheri Lynn


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