the gift at nautilus teachings

my favorite gift
is a handmade card
with a written note.
most favorite
with my kids
are baking cookies
making pancakes
reading stories
movie night…
most cherished
memories of my mom
her scent
her hands
her smile
the way she called me Sher…
personal memories
kneeling in church
hiding in closets
feet hitting the sand
the most priceless gift
we are able to give
costs us nothing
just moments…
it means letting
our egos go
sidestepping our own
and wishes
in order to
someone else’s
it means personal sacrifice
and embracing
the choices
of those we love…

i write about self care,
self love
putting oneself first
but i also put myself last
when it comes to
being there and supporting
people i love
we must learn
to listen
to hold our breath
to pause
to pray
to pause
to count
to be 100% available
even if it means
what we are doing…
we have one short life.
answer the phone
chat with your friend
you run in to at the store
don’t hush
the always asking child
breathe in their innocence
wonder and magic
this too will end soon…
aging brings wisdom
and if there is something
i can share with you
it is to slow down
take the videos and pictures
write letters
sit and listen
stop preaching
accept flaws
have faith…

make sheet tents
forts out of boxes
bang pans
paint on walls
drink from the hose
lay on the grass
and look at the stars
hold hands
remember their giggles
be present in
every moment
you are given…
and when you get that long
list of “what i want for christmas”
don’t forget to write them a letter
sharing with them
all the memories of the year passed
and how much
they mean to you…
do this
even when they grow up
leave home
and you never hear from them…
i have no expectation this year
only the hope
that each one of our children
will take a few minutes
to pick up the phone
and call us.
in that brief moment
we will be
floating in memory
of their first batman
ninja turtle
american girl doll
of the night before christmas
when as children
they all just simply believed
because we as parents
kept the magic alive
and raised them
to believe
they could be
anything they wanted…
because they all
are pursuing their dream in their own way…
doc and i
will rise Christmas morning
not to an empty tree
but to hearts filled
with the gift
of God’s unconditional love
and the hope
that the familiar
ding, ding, ding
will echo from
our cell phones
not one time,
but 5…
a girl can dream, can’t she?!!!