the girl and her mom at nautilus teachings


the girl
opened her eyes
and there stood love.
big brown eyes
soft hands
arms spread wide
she was her safe spot
her landing pad.
she brushed her hair
when the girl was small
bought her pretty dresses
silky nightgowns
and made her grin.
she would stop
at a moments notice
just to swing on the
front porch with her
and when the girl was
busy drawing,
she would glance up
catching her eyes upon her
a smile exchanged always…
she taught her to bake
to iron
to sew
to knit
to clean,
but mostly to love…
and as the girl grew up
she never grew out
she became rooted within her
heart to soul
she was fed by her grace
her kindness..
each time she took the girl
to the edge
and said,
“fly dearheart, fly…”
the girl would roll her apron string
around her frame and curl
back into her…

then one day
the girl noticed
she was withering
her colors were changing
and the girl had to carry her more and more
so she wrapped her around her
like a babies love blanket
knowing her edges
were crumbling
finding bare spots
and watching as
threads of her would
fall off
leaving pieces of her
scattered everywhere
the girl tried to keep her safe
tried to mend her
but it was not to be
and on the day
she was uprooted
and the girl was left standing alone
she felt naked
the girl began moving,
picking pieces of her up
almost hoarding them
she locked them up
inside of her heart
and ran away…
she created masks to wear
she closed her eyes to life
and began sinking
into a world of
colorless love
and shame…
the flowers she planted
the meals she prepared
the memories she tried to make
burned up
her roots were weak
and the girl missed her so….
every year on the day
she died
the girl wept…
the girl opened the blue suitcase
that was hers…

and the ocean began encompassing her
the current picked her up
cleansed her
rolled her around
in the big soft waves
her masks fell off
her eyes opened up
and there stood love…
only this time it was
bright hues of so many colors
the sea grasses danced for her
the fish kissed her
the mermaids combed her long hair
and mr. hawksbill hugged her
the girl
remembered her
her acceptance
her unconditional love…
she began swimming
and most of all
and as she rooted herself
back into her faith
she felt the dead side begin to bloom
and the wind caress her skin
and the sun feed her…
she danced in the rain
and became whole
soon the girl was remembering
the words she said,
“fly dearheart, fly…”
and this time
she did…

winged flight