the kids at nautilus teachings


she was beside me
this young beauty
who is now my daughter
so full of life
her tiny frame
must stand on tippy toes
as she patiently
helps me hang
command strips for
all 43 of my new paintings
for my upcoming show…
i love to look at her
big gorgeous blue eyes
and her cascading soft brown hair
her smile is infectious
teeth perfect…
and the best part is
she chose
my son
to love
and share her life with…
i listen to her stories
about her family
and every day life
each one
must must must
have a tiny giggle
dangling from the end of it,
which is one of the things i love
so much about her…
she is easy,
she gushes beauty
from every pore
and the two of them
have begun weaving together
a beautiful life…

he is home with doc
the two of them working
side by side
trimming the sea grape trees
canopy which is overgrown…
their bodies
move in unison
as one by one
they remove the heavy branches
laden with grapes…
he hauls them to the front
digs up all the rotted remains
of three years worth of
old leaves
places them in a can
and hauls that up
with such ease
his body young, strong
moving fluidly…
doc watches
remembering his youth
knowing he is still strong
but age and grace
allow him to think…
“i will let him do the hauling…”
doc loves him
he is his son
she is his daughter
the four of us together
are family…
we love weekends
when the kids visit.
we pray daily
she finds a teaching job here
so the four of us
can share more time together
especially putting up those
christmas light mom loves so much…
but for now we
smile and hold back a tiny tear
when we get the call
“mom, can we come down this weekend?”
while they’re here
they play and play
we watch and smile
a life filled with pure love
is truly one of God’s
greatest gifts…
they head off on their new paddle boards
wind howling from the north
but they are young, strong
and ready for an adventure
we watch them paddle off
and can hear in the distance
his voice
and right after that
her giggle…