the obedient daughter at nautilus teachings

we are all let down
at some point in our lives…
some are tiny,
others are life changers.
Sher found herself all alone.
She found an apartment,
a job,
registered for school
and began a new life.
friends were easy to make
but every party she
went to
everyone was doing drugs,
and since sher did not
herself partake of any drug-
especially after seeing her
two brothers almost
ruin their lives with them,
she found herself
she also was racking up
long distance phone bills
to BHBEG#1
and peter.
Peter was dating
the cousin of his hs sweetheart
but the two of them
still wrote letters
and chatted from
time to time.
Life was moving on.
Sher was in her new place
for only two months when
she landed in the hospital.
her mother flew down
to take care of her for
a few days:
diagnosis-needs to eat and drink water
she was basically down to
105 lbs from 125
nothing interested her.
being with Dory was
like old home week
mom cooked, cleaned
and made sure sher
began a healthy eating plan.
the day Dory flew home
sher walked in and found a letter
her mother had left her
“if there was one thing i wish for you
it was that you had more fun in your life,
you need to laugh…”
love, mom

things with BHBEG#1
were getting serious
over the phone and in letters.
he asked her to move home,
sher obeyed.
it’s hard to break a cycle
you learn since birth
we have to change our mindset
and then accept and embrace
a new way of living…
sher had not done this yet.
she moved home in December
after she finished her semester,
selling everything she could not
pack or box up and ship.
christmas was spent
at BHBEG#1’s
family home-
her first ever away from her parents
and in some ways this made her feel strong-
i can do this
no big deal
sure it will be different
but i can do it!
took sher to dinner
the day after christmas
and popped the question,
“ya know sheri, i love you,
will you be my wife?”
there it was.
another proposal.
she knew her parents loved him
her mother told her
“he is the perfect man for you.
he will give you everything you need.
a house with a white picket fence
membership to the country club
just a good life…”
she nodded her head yes
then barely whispered yes
as he placed the ring upon her finger
her heart raced back to
the chapel
his parents were not ecstatic
because they knew this meant
he would be moving 140 miles south…
her parents were thrilled
because now they could rest easy
knowing their daughter was set for life.
upon arriving home
after hugging her parents
showing them the ring
and a early meal
sher retreated to her room
picked up the phone and called pete.
she filled him in on the events.
his response was
“let’s meet for a long weekend…”
she told BHBEG#1
and her parents
about a fake sorority retreat
then got in her car
and headed up towards God’s country.

this would be the first of many trips
to see her college love
the man she really wanted to marry…
the wedding plans took over her life
with many showers
dress fittings
a month before her wedding
her dad called her
“sher, this is dad.
Listen, mom’s in the hospital
she had a heart attack…”
sher fell to her knees
and cried,
“i’m sorry, Lord. you know i love peter
but i will give him up if you save my mom”
bargaining, sheri, really?!!
mom survived
and on the night before her wedding
late at night,
peter called.
“listen, Schultzy, I’ve been thinking…
i don’t want you to marry him.
what time is your wedding
and where is it at.
i’’m driving down
and picking you up…”
sher packed a bag and barely slept.
she paced back and forth in her
wedding gown
when the pastor came up and asked
“what’g going on sheri?”
she spilled it all.
the pastor put out his hand and said,
“take my hand. i will lead you out
and explain it all to your parents
and BHBEG#1.”
sher paused,
tears were welling up
when her mother entered
“oh, sher, you look beautiful,
you ready?”
she sucked in her breath
looked at the pastor
nodded her head
and said,
‘let’s do this…’
peter had not shown up
the wedding went well
and was beautiful
no sooner had
they arrived at the reception
when a worker tapped her shoulder
“ma’m can i speak to you?”
sher stepped away from the crowd
“there is a ‘pete’ here to see you?”
omg what did i just do?
she quietly excused herself
followed the worker
down a long hallway or two
hand extended
tears in his eyes
“schultz-you look beautiful”
together hand in hand
they left.