the show at nautilus teachings



a tiny million
dots of
colorful air
floated all around
my studio last night
a few new faces
but mostly filled
with those i treasure
and hold dear…
the two rooms
were buzzing
i was twirling around
there was chatter
“i love you new art…”
“tell me the story of this one…”
there was
a mixing of memories
“i must have this piece, i lived this too…”
“this is how i felt…”

DSC_0897 DSC_0899
there were a few paintings
that had more than one
person who wanted to
take it home
and the words
“let’s start a bidding war…”
“who bought that? i will give them more…”
then there was the
table top…
the men
wanted to buy my table top
they were scheming
and had my husband
it would be just fine
to buy the table…
inside i am giggling…
i know what they see
on the wooden tops
the memories
the drawings
the words
the names
a whole year of paint
and birthday parties
girls night out
summer camps…
my memories…
alas i still have the two tops
and they will be replaced
as i do every year
and my dear friend Fred
who is a master wood crafter
will create another
Bali Studios piece…
this year,
a cabinet…

DSC_0703 DSC_0778
the night went on
many paintings found new homes
pieces of me are now
and i love that…
thank you to everyone
who entered my world
last night
you made me believe in myself
and the importance
of always living true…
for those of you who commented…
“i did not know they would be for sale…”
“i want that but i have no cash…”
“oh, i need to get that one…”
there is always time
we still have
38 days
7 hours, 59 minutes and
41 seconds left
until Christmas…
so ladies
tell your hubbies which one
you want
give them my number
and i will make sure you get
the piece of me
that you love the most
to hang upon your walls…
thank, thank, thank you all….
i am blessed.

DSC_0936 DSC_0919 DSC_0860