the sunday they stopped at nautilus teachings


they were sleeping-
he in one bed,
she another…
they were both
snoring away
huddled under blankets
AC blowing
when the sunlight
graced her eyelids
waking her slowly…
the boys were
beside her
as they did these days
since his operation.
on more than one
occasion she woke up
with her arms around Finn…
today was different.
she felt peace.
she felt rested.
today would be
the sunday they stopped.
yesterday she cooked
like a crazy woman
washed the boys
got all of her errands done…
she was laying still
when he came into
the room
with his big, gorgeous smile…
“morning love…”
“morning sweetheart…”
he had slept!
she could feel it
see it
she just knew in her bones
he was coming back…
it wasn’t long
after they’d finished
their morning meditation
coffee in hand
in the unexpected
cool april breeze
they were giggling
like two school kids…
he was back to teasing her
and making jokes
she was a loose hanging bloom
letting the wind
tickle her skin
the boys were
running around chasing squirrels
no dead fish were floating
it was the sunday they stopped…

for one morning in 4 weeks
he was back.
she did not care why
all she knew was
this was love…
it can be very demanding
upon every part of the
human heart and soul
to shift into the
caregiving mode,
even when you
are married
to superman.
i have had it easy
compared to the stories
people share with me
about their life…
i know for me
the only thing that helped
was knowing from day one,
i was enough.
i took myself out of
his suffering
understood he was living
in unbelievable pain
and that outside of just time,
he needed me to do for him
the simple things
we take for granted-
carrying food and beverages
picking out clothes
to name a few,
and not say a word…
this is silent love
we put down
whatever we are doing
at that moment,
knowing the person we love
would absolutely do this in return…
it’s now almost noon
he is off to visit his mom
and i have been playing
with the boys
reading the paper
and just breathing in
this gift of silence
and cool air
taking time to make sure
i thank God
for the sunday we stopped,
knowing upon his return
i will once again be needed
by my Einstein, super hero husband
and grateful for his
understanding heart
that i am in no ways