time for Titos at nautilus teachings


i stopped trying to find Christmas
because Christmas found me…
over the weekend i
was given the task of wrapping
small packages
baking desserts
and cooking for friends
when i stepped back to look
at the tree,
magic encompassed me…
it was an amazing weekend
filled with fellowship
and me
finally finding Christmas…
then Monday hit
and i had the unpleasant
task of waiting 6 hours
on the phone
5.5 hours was horrible music
to figure out why
oh why, why, why
my health insurance payment
could not be processed!
once settled i arrived home
pop in a load of laundry
and when i hear the familiar
ding, ding, ding
signaling it is finished
i walk out there
open the door
and wham!
the clothes is soggy?
so i hit spin only
wait another 11 minutes
and kaboom?
still soggy?
puzzled i wring it all out
pop it in the dryer
and start a second load
i start dinner
hop in the shower
and check the laundry…

water is cascading
in fast currents from the door
of my washer…
i hit STOP!
and like a dummy
open the door
water continues to flood my floor,
garage, pool deck…
i slam the door closed
and grap as many buckets as i can find
open the door to the washer
and fill fill fill
them up…
then i really wring out each
soaked piece
who am i granny Klampet?!!!
i grab my shop vac,
clean up all the mess
and think
tomorrow i will get a new washer!
my whole body aches
as i fall into a deep sleep that night.
i call my fix it guy
and he says,
“it will cost you 600-700 to fix it..”
i go to Sears and purchase a new washer,
come home and throw my hanging still damp stuff
in the dryer,
head to work
and breathe….
3 hours later
arriving home
the dryer is still on?!!!
it seems the washer
flooded the dryer too
and broke it…
back toSears!!!

now i have a new set arriving friday…
i am happy , but broke!
i go home and measure
i have to move my cabinets?
i call my handy dandy sweet as can be
fix everything man
get him set up for Thursday
along with my amazing plumber who has
to fix my leaky faucets ?!!
when will this end?
so 4,000 later
i sit here typing this…
the candles are lit,
i am clean
finn and reef are crashed
and i
grabbing myself
a big glass of titos!!!


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  1. Pam

    I hate it when things happen like this!! They normally happen in threes so .. Hopefully yours is over .. Washer, dryer, cabinets .. And you’re good for a while!! When it rains it pours … But we know that you know how to dance in the rain!!

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