tiny little girl- lesson learned -nautilus teachings


tiny little girl
who’s innocence
was taken away
why do you cry
for a man
who cannot save you
a man who knows not
what he did wrong
a man who knew
not how to love?
tiny little girl
so grown up
she can hardly talk
life will give you
no answers
to the questions
which you speak
take him down
from the pedestal
stop wrapping him
in gold…
your memory needs to clear itself
of truths
you were never told

hold my tears
hold my tears

tiny little girl who’s tears
flow from her eyes
nothing can
hide the sadness
held so deep inside
you think
you have healed
all the wounds
which you wept
for so long
yet it only takes
a little bump
to shove you back
to where you belong
deep inside the caverns
so dark
in which you thought
your were protected
but his ugly words
have left a mark…
tiny little girl
upon the front porch swing
your world was filled
with the sad truth
that is was not
ok to dream
live the life
that you are dealt
deal with it
as you may
do not say a single word
all you can do is pray…

You are enough
You are enough

tiny little girl
who’s memory
is so clear –
he cannot say
i’m sorry –
within him lies no fear
from love
he did not grow
so this
he could not give
your expectations
are way to high
count your blessings
and begin to live
his love
is something that
you cannot need or wish for
turn your back
upon it now
and let your heart
break no more…

wings unfurl
wings unfurl

Tiny little girl
believe you were made of love
but life is not a fairytale
you cannot wear it
like a glove
for each tiny little finger
holds the power to forgive
put them all together
on your knees now
faith still lives
deep inside
that heart of yours
it was there
right from the start
and GOD will lift from you
the pain
within your heart
Tiny little girl
don’t ask him to speak
he knows not how to do it
his soul
is way to weak
accept him as he is
know his loves not true
accept the things
he does not know
in every shade and hue
paint your life
upon the wall
write your words
and bind them tight
then blow out ever candle
and kiss
the nightmare of him


no box
no box


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