tiny moments at nautilus teachings


there are moments
in our life
when time
stands still,
a passage
from one level
to another…
all around us
quietly stops
and silence takes over
ripples cease
no breeze to cool
whispers are shushed…
other times
we gaze at the clock
tick, tick, ticking
without hesitation
the minutes of our life away
pushing us to
work harder
move faster
be stronger
to not forget
all the tasks
which lay before us
on our ‘to do’ list
this day
is over planned
take our breath away
so we sit
cars fly past us
music blaring
texts begging to be answered
we ignore the
ringing of our phone
we are swept up
within the madness of life…
then there are
our invisible moments,
we are in a room
yet, no-one hears
we raise our hand
no-one sees
our touch
goes unfelt
we feel non-existent…

how about those
that usually occur
in the middle of the night?
we cannot sleep
we wake up
every 10 minutes
thinking an hour has passed
disappointed we lie there
listening to our heartbeat
how many times
the AC kicks on
the number of snores
per minute by our hubby
we listen to the dogs
lick, shake and scratch
we lie in troubled silence
wishing, praying
for ourselves to fall back
into dreamland…
that sacred numbness
of healing balm
that encompasses us
leaving us oblivious
to pain
free of heart break
and a warm place
where sadness
how about the time
when we feel
shot through the heart
our nerves are jumping
faster than the seconds
upon the clock…

or how about the times
we are being screamed at
so very loud
we cover our ears
flashed fast
before our eyes
like a hurricane
a typhoon
and endless circle
of currents
dragging us
down deeper
and slowing the pace
of our very life…
we feel the air
being drawn from us
as we wither,
wishing we would die…
how do we find the balance
between real time
wanting to slow it
or wanting to speed it up?
for me,
i do it by slowing down
stepping back
taking a breath
looking around
and knowing that this
is a moment
which will never
happen again…
in this knowing
i am able to
even cry
and let myself
be fully encompassed
by all of my surroundings…
one thing i know for sure
is the clock is ticking away
for each and every one of us…

every breathe
and day
we are given
not knowing when
our time will end
is supposed to be a blessing
but for some of us
we cannot
we keep pushing on
day after day
until eventually
our bodies are burned out
and we collapse
to the ground…
we need to accept
that it’s ok if we don’t
get to the end the list
according to
our terms
in our time slot
every day…
we have to make room
to catch little tears
which will fall,
or someone
needing a hug,
to be listened too…
we need to make time
to pick up the phone
when someone is in crisis
and needs us…
in the acceptance
of every moment
of our lives
we then become whole,
we become wrapped
in the colorful threads
of our life
ending up being
a beautiful tapestry
of memories…
as you go about
your day today
think about each moment
and accept it
being grateful
God gave you one more day
to enjoy your
beautiful life…